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PUBG gets the Sanhock map and Event Pass
The game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds invites players to a new map – after so many testing sessions, Sanhock is available on Live Servers. Also, the developers have released a new exciting feature named Event Pass. This is a way to get premium content by finishing sets of missions.
PUBG Update #13: Parachute Skins, Aviator Crate
New PUBG skins have been added to the game with the latest update. And they are not only clothes for the virtual characters – from now on, we have skins for the parachute! To get the parachute skins, you should check our 81 tips for PUBG to become the best player ever and buy what you want in PUBG.
PUBG Mobile Update: Miramar, New Vehicles and Weapons
The mobile version of PUBG has been updated to version 0.5.0! This means getting new exciting features, the best of which is the possibility to play on the desert map Miramar. Are you ready for this adventure?
PUBG fights cheaters and begins a new season
We have two significant pieces of news about PUBG. The first one is strengthening the anti-cheating efforts of PUBG Corp. It’s like the last warning for dishonest players and especially for creators of cheating software. The second piece of news is about ending the current PUBG season and the beginning of the new one with a maintenance period in between.
Huge Update of PUBG: Weapon Balance
For the first time since the final release of the game, PUBG Corp has made an update that brings significant changes to gameplay, to the very process of shooting opponents. This update of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has the serial number #12, it activates a new weapon balance and introduces a new gun and vehicle…
New PUBG update: Changes in Blue Wall, Miramar!
The PUBG developers have released an interesting update to their amazingly popular Battle Royale shooter. The changes concern the Blue Wall of death, or rather its behavior on different stages of the game. Also, a few adjustments happened in the Miramar desert map, in the possibilities for team management, and in the loot spawn.