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Huge Update of PUBG: Weapon Balance

For the first time since the final release of the game, PUBG Corp has made an update that brings significant changes to gameplay, to the very process of shooting opponents. This update of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has the serial number #12, it activates a new weapon balance and introduces a new gun and vehicle…

An update that changes your behavior

Until now, almost all players operated with a similar pattern – search for any weapon, but try to get assault rifles as soon as possible, because these weapons are the most effective. Ok, some people liked to use sniper rifles as well, which opens new possibilities of shooting styles. But still, AR were like must-have weapons.

PUBG Update #12 changes the situation. The developers want to make other kinds of guns more valuable in players’ eyes. This is good for the whole game, because using pistols and SMGs means acting a bit differently in the Battle Royale matches, making the game process itself more varied and interesting.

All the changes to PUBG weapon balance are shown in numbers in the chart below:

PUBG weapon balance

We can see that:

  • Pistols became significantly more powerful;
  • Submachine guns (SMG) and light machine guns (LMG) got extra strength too;
  • Most assault rifles cause less damage now;
  • SKS lost many power points.

PUBG characters got increased movement speed with some weapons in hand.

New gun! New vehicle!

It’s always nice to get new items in games – they bring fresh excitement to the usual gameplay, they promise different joys in virtual adventures. This is totally true for PUBG, and it seems like the developers know this. They’ve added:

  1. SLR – a new gun from the category of DMRs (Designated Marksman Rifles). It has a magazine with ten 7.62 mm bullets. SLR is more powerful than SKS but has stronger recoil, so we need to learn to control it to get the max from this new PUBG weapon.
  2. Muscle car Mirado. This vehicle is available on the Miramar map. The developers recommend looking for these autos in downtown areas, on the main streets of the virtual cities. This PUBG vehicle is designed specially to drive fast on highways.

New weapon and vehicle PUBG update

Also, PUBG Corp has made some slight adjustments to other aspects of the game. All of them are listed in the official post by the developers.

“Weapon balance in particular is really important for us, and we want to take the time to get it right. For this reason, we’re going to keep the changes on the test server for longer than we normally would”, – the PUBG developers inform.

We would draw your attention to the new possibility of changing the crosshair style for some weapons using the buttons “Page Up” and “Page Down”.

changing the crosshair in PUBG

PUBG update #12 also includes the possibility of map selection, announced earlier.

These efforts for improving PUBG are totally understandable, considering the upcoming first ever official PUBG Esports tournament.


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