Trade CS:GO skins fast and easily


Skins.Cash is a reliable service for trading CS2 skins, trusted by thousands of users. It allows earning money by selling CS2 items. Convert your Steam wallet to real USD, EUR, RUB, BTC, etc. in a few seconds. Now there's no need to list your CS2 skin and spend hours waiting for someone to buy it. With Skins.Cash, you can forget about commissions and withdrawal fees.

Convenient and simple skin trading

Stop looking for a place to trade your skins – our service is all you need. Just enter the website via your Steam account, select the CS2 items you wish to sell, choose a payment method and receive the money instantly and 100% securely.

On Skins.Cash, you may sell CS2 cases as well. Instead of spending funds on buying keys to open cases, get money from our service!

Exchange skins for money in mere minutes

Instantly trade your CS2 skins in exchange for real money. We provide a wide range of payment methods: Payoneer, Visa, MasterCard, cell phone account and even Bitcoin. The average transaction time varies from 5 to 15 minutes. Please note that in the case of withdrawing to Visa or MasterCard, the process takes up to an hour, and sometimes even several days. This might happen due to your bank's security system check, which can take up to 5 days (a message about this will be displayed on the website after the trading deal). You can get all the necessary information concerning the transaction from your bank's client support team. So don't worry, your money will most definitely be transferred to your account.

Ways to instantly sell in-game items. If you're interested in immediate payments, use the following options:

  • Payoneer

  • Cell phone account

  • Bitcoin

These payment methods guarantee to transfer money to you in just a few minutes.

No hidden fees for selling skins

Skins.Cash doesn't apply any hidden commissions. At the end of the transaction, you receive precisely the amount of money that was displayed during the trade deal.

Forget about other trading platforms, and scamming buyers. Save time and good vibes – sell CS2 skins instantly and securely to Skins.Cash! We guarantee 100% safe payments and excellent service!


CS2 Giveaway

The Skins.Cash service has one more interesting proposal for you – we regularly give free skins to our users. Visit the CS2 Giveaway page and try your luck, by completing as many easy tasks as possible. Do it weekly for more chances to win.