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New PUBG update: Changes in Blue Wall, Miramar, no clothes!

The PUBG developers have released an interesting update to their amazingly popular Battle Royale shooter. The changes concern the Blue Wall of death, or rather its behavior on different stages of the game. Also, a few adjustments happened in the Miramar desert map, in the possibilities for team management, and in the loot spawn.

The value of PUBG skins

Let’s begin with a very unusual decision by the developers – they removed all the clothes from the virtual world. From now on, we can find weapons and equipment but not shirts or pants…

All the characters will wear only clothes from their inventory. These clothes are well-known PUBG skins, which can be sold for real money on Skins.Cash.

We can expect to see increased value of the skins because of this update. Are you hunting for these treasures from PUBG crates?

PUBG update clothes

Beware of the Blue Wall!

Everyone playing PUBG knows well the power of the Blue Wall of death. It makes us run towards each other, causing much more powerful battles. It kills us if we pay insufficient attention and are too busy with loot and shooting. Now the Blue Wall may become even more dangerous – but only if you won’t learn about changes to its behavior.

So, now:

  • Players have shorter periods of between-phase safety – the Blue Wall appears earlier;
  • Players have more time for escaping the Blue Wall – it moves slower at the late stages of the game. Still, the starter speed is increased slightly.
  • The Blue Zone causes more damage to players at the three last stages.

These changes are shown in the chart published by the developers:

PUBG update blue zone delay

At the end of the game the Blue Zone narrows towards the center of the White circles, so we’ll know where the final battles will take place.

If we play on the Erangel map, the zone of safety becomes visible 30 seconds earlier.

On the Miramar map, the zone of safety appears even while players are on the plane (this update may be canceled if gamers give negative feedback).

Explore the renewed Miramar!

There are quite few plants on the Miramar map, so it may be more difficult to hide there. Maybe that is the reason why the developers of PUBG continue working on this location, making it more balanced.

The adjustments happened mainly in the Northern part of the map:

  • More roads and paths, more places for cars to spawn;
  • More chances to encounter nice loot in this area;
  • Some new objects have been added, such as Alcantara village and Oasis.

The best way to learn these changes is to land in that part of Miramar and explore everything on your own.

Upgrade PUBG maps

Control your team easier

Some changes happened also regarding team control.

  • Team leaders are able to kick some team members;
  • For kicking players from the team, we can use the Team tab in the list of friends.

To invite a player to be a friend, we can use a special button in their career screen.

As is usual for PUBG updates, the developers have fixed some bugs.

For now, all these changes are running only on the test server. The developers promise not to delay the implementation for the live servers, so we’ll see them very soon. Meanwhile, let’s play the test to be ready for the updates and to gain advantage over others!

Also, to have an advantage, learn game tricks from the article “Survival Guide for Beginners in PUBG”.

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