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PUBG gets the Sanhock map and Event Pass

The game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds invites players to a new map – after so many testing sessions, Sanhock is available on Live Servers. Also, the developers have released a new exciting feature named Event Pass. This is a way to get premium content by finishing sets of missions. The first such event is all about the Sanhock map.

Welcome to dangerous jungles!

Sanhock is the third map in PUBG. It is unique because of:

  • nature. Sanhock is based on the islands of South-East Asia with their jungles and beautiful lakes. Players can enter a big cave even at the moment of landing. The map contains beautiful Asian constructions and hills with dense vegetation…
  • size. It is the first small map of PUBG – Sanhock is 4×4 km, half the size of Erangel and Miramar. Here, you’ll be able to participate in shorter and tenser matches.

Sanhock has been released on PUBG Live Servers on June 22, 2018.

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PUBG Event Pass

This Battle Royale shooter tries to involve gamers in special activities, to motivate playing regularly. For this, PUBG Corp. is starting special events. They are active for a limited time and propose unique missions with nice rewards.

A similar feature on PUBG Mobile is called Royale Pass – it has been released in update 0.6.0 of the game version for Android and iOS devices, along with the first-person perspective and a new game mode (solo vs. squads).

You can purchase Event Pass for $10, and the rewards from the mission will remain in your account forever and ever. These items are untradeable, so owning them is reliable proof of players’ skills and achievements.

Even if you don’t want to pay for PUBG Event Pass, you are able to finish missions and get the same rewards, but they will be temporary. Only one special item will be permanent for free users.

Still, you can complete missions and pay for Event Pass later, seeing actual rewards in your inventory.

“The Event Pass is designed to reflect the opinions of players who wanted a trackable progression-related system, and at the same time allows you to unlock new content in PUBG in a way that is different from the crate and key system”, – PUBG Corp. says in its official post.


The first mission set of the Event Pass is available from June 22. It’s dedicated to the Sanhock release.

Among other features of PUBG Update #15, gamers will get a new weapon – QBZ.

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