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PUBG Update #13: Parachute Skins, Aviator Crate

New PUBG skins have been added to the game with the latest update. And they are not only clothes for the virtual characters – from now on, we have skins for the parachute!

To get the parachute skins, you should check our 81 tips for PUBG to become the best player ever and buy what you want in PUBG.

PUBG Update #13 is not as big as the previous one that changed the weapon balance. Most of the fresh improvements are connected to bug-fixing and minor adjustments to the gameplay.

The most interesting parts of this update are:

  • Parachute skins;
  • Aviator Crate with new PUBG skins.

What does your Parachute look like?

Visit the customization menu and click the new “Gear” tab. Here you can equip skins for your parachute. The game developers sell these skins on Steam along with crate keys.

Now, you can buy the “Bengal Tiger” style.

Parachute skins PUBG

PUBG Aviator style

Aviator Crates are full of new PUBG skins. They may be opened only with the paid Aviator Key.

PUBG Corp. has revealed the drop rate for all the Aviator skins. Of course, the rarest of them will be worth considerable money if you sell PUBG skins on the Skins.Cash service.

Aviator Crate item drop Rate in PUBG

Maybe, some clothes from Aviator Crate will be used by participants of the upcoming PUBG Global Invitational 2018.

PUBG Mobile has been updated recently too, so read PUBG tutorial to stay updated.


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