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PUBG fights cheaters and begins a new season

We have two significant pieces of news about PUBG. The first one is strengthening the anti-cheating efforts of PUBG Corp. It’s like the last warning for dishonest players and especially for creators of cheating software. The second piece of news is about ending the current PUBG season and the beginning of the new one with a maintenance period in between.

PUBG new season

Let’s begin with information about PUBG seasons – it is more important for fair players. PUBG Corp is ending the current ranked season. This means our in-game ranks of this season will be recorded as they are for future generations to marvel at.

The moment the current PUBG season will end is May 1st, 7pm PDT (May 2, 4am CEST; May 2, 11am KST)

Then the maintenance period begins. It will take about four hours for the developers to implement all the significant changes from Update #12 on the live servers.

PUBG maintenance starts on May 2nd, 7pm PDT (May 3, 4am CEST; May 3, 11am KST)

In the new season of PUBG, players will get fresh chances to develop an impressive rank. Play more and use the advice of our “Survival Guide for Beginners in PUBG” to try to reach the highest levels of the leaderboard.

PUBG fights cheaters and begins a new season

PUBG anti-cheat

The popularity of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds motivates some people to use cheating programs to get unfair advantages, to earn more PUBG skins and sell them on Skins.Cash profitably. The developers are working hard to make their product a place for fair gaming. They cooperate with governments on this, and especially in China, where most hacking and cheating programs are produced.

PUBG Corp informs in its official post about arresting 15 suspects. They are slated to pay fines of $5.1 million.

We’ve upgraded our security measures, improved our anti-cheat solutions, and recently even added a new anti-cheat solution on top of all that.

It is excellent news indeed! No one likes to meet a cheater, who kills opponents with just one shot and whose bullets fly in curved routes… If you meet one of them, click the “Report” button in the game, and the developers will take action.

PUBG is in active development stage. Not so long ago, the first ever official Esports tournament was announced.


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