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81 Essential PUBG Tips for Players of All Levels

81 Essential PUBG Tips for Players of All Levels

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Oh, that highly desired, dreamed of PUBG Chicken Dinner! It attracts millions of gamers, but only the best taste the sweetest victory.

Do you want to win a match in the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds? The recipe for success is simple – play more and use tips from this post on the Skins.Cash blog.

These tips for PUBG are grouped by different stages of the game. This is not a 100% clear division, it has been made just for your convenience. Any advice below may become crucial for succeeding at any moment of a match, so read them all and then return to this post later to refresh the tips in your memory, but before you should learn PUBG basics to understand it all.

Prepare to the match in the lobby

    1. Try all possible movements in safety. Walk around (WASD), run (move with Shift hold), crouch (C), prone (Z), jump (Space). Feel the possibilities of your character in practice!
      Prepare to the match in the lobby PUBG
    2. Watch people around. Their appearance may reveal the power of your opponents – guys in rare PUBG clothes are rather experienced. It is nice to know with whom you are going to play.
      Prepare to the match in the lobby PUBG
    3. Meet your teammates. If you play with random partners, it would be better to make contact from the very beginning.
    4. Explore the location – you may visit this place later in the game, so knowing its features may become very useful.
  • Pick the right spot for the landing

    1. Plan your landing place beforehand, and choose places a bit away from big towns. While flying on the plane, choose separate buildings, big farms, unnamed settlements on the map – look at them by pressing the “M” button. This helps to avoid big battles, and this kind of Player Unknown Battlegrounds tips is useful not only for beginners.
      Pick the right spot for the landing PUBG
    2. Make marks on the map by right clicking. It will be visible for your teammates to land together in one place. Use marks later in the game to indicate your destinations. PUBG marks are also visible in the upper scale on the screen, so you will know where to fly/run/drive.
    3. Control your jump, leading the character to your goal. Forget about the marks during falling – watch real surroundings to choose a building to hide and loot first. Control the parachute – this allows to fall faster.
    4. Watch around your character without changing the direction of falling or running. Press and hold the “Alt” button. The same trick helps to watch around while hiding in a safe place. But notice that after releasing “Alt“, your character will shake a bit, and opponents may notice this movement.
      Pick the right spot for the landing PUBG
  • Things you must DO after the landing

    1. Be attentive to those who land near you. Try to loot empty houses where there are no competitors – even if this means changing your starting plans. If you bump into someone, just fight barehanded. Jump and hit their head to increase your winning chances.
    2. Don’t waste time after landing – run into the nearest building to get weapons and equipment. Press and hold “Shift” to run in the location. Press the “=” button to sprint automatically.
  • Try not to enter a house using doors! Better to jump through the window: move towards a window, Press “Space” and you will get inside a house.

    1. Close doors behind you! That is really a significant step: no one will know for sure if you are inside, other players will expect to find loot in this building, you’ll hear them from their first step inside. Close doors after leaving buildings – develop this habit, it will be very useful for PUBG matches.
    2. First, collect the most important items: weapons and ammo to become dangerous for opponents, a helmet and a bulletproof vest to protect yourself, a backpack to keep more things with you, healing items to cure the character.
    3. Avoid taking unnecessary items if you still don’t have a backpack. Keep slots in the inventory for ammo and medicines.
    4. Press the “R” button to reload a gun after getting it.
  • Reload each time you have a break and there are just a couple of bullets in the magazine

    1. Check the shooting mode of your weapon. It may be single (one bullet, for big distance), burst (a limited series of bullets), auto (unstoppable bullet streams). To change the mode, press the “B” button.
    2. Use the “Tab” button to open the items menu. You will see everything your character has and everything near him. Left click on items to take them (in the left side). Right click to activate items from your inventory (in the middle of the screen). Left click on your weapon to throw it away (in the right side).
    3. Some additional items should be adjusted to weapons manually. Move the mouse cursor over icons in your inventory (after pressing “Tab”) and watch squares near guns – if they are highlighted, you may use this particular item (for suppressing sound or flash, for getting an extra magazine).
    4. Make all the manipulations with the inventory after hiding in a safe place. Turn your back to a solid wall, stay far from windows. After pressing “Tab”, your character will be as so he is daydreaming, defenseless. Try to finish with this as fast as possible.
    5. Take a frying pan, if you see one. This is an effective melee weapon that can kill with just a few hits. PUBG pans protect from bullets while you’re just carrying it around. This collection of Player Unknown Battlegrounds tips and tricks doesn’t describe the process of hitting shooting bullets using the pan – it is quite a difficult art. Sway the pan chaotically and maybe you’ll succeed. Don’t expect to be saved by this, such success happens as a stroke of luck.
  • Early game basic strategy

    1. After getting the essential set of items, check the map to make a plan of future actions. Pay attention to the white circle. If you aren’t in it, run to the safe zone. If it’s far away, use a vehicle.
    2. Be careful moving in PUBG virtuality. Before exiting buildings, look around from the windows. After exiting through doors, watch around attentively. Kill opponents and then move farther.
    3. Run light-handed. Press the “X” button to put your weapon on your back. Your character will run a bit faster.
    4. Make zigzags while running – this makes the task of killing your character with a head shot more difficult for snipers.
      Early game basic strategy PUBG
    5. If bullets hit your hero, change the direction of running and try to hide behind any near object (buildings, stones, trees, hills). Find a place where bullets can’t reach you and then watch around to find those hunters. They often run after victims, so you need to greet opponents with deadly streams of bullets.
    6. Use medicines for healing at any convenient moment. Hide and cure yourself. Even a small amount of Health points may save you in a critical situation. Use healing items wisely. Med Kits restore 100% of your health, they are rare, and it’s better to keep them for really dangerous moments of having your health bar almost empty. First Aid Kits restore 75% of health. A bandage cures the character just a bit, and you can’t restore more than 75% of your health bar with bandages.
    7. Make breaks in your run to watch around. Especially when you climb to a hilltop. You may see someone in the lower area. Often snipers hide in high places. Maybe you’ll decide to become such a sniper?
  • 5 easy steps on how to approach buildings

    1. Don’t lose opportunities to loot again. You can’t have too much ammo and healing items, for example. Look for buildings on your way and explore their interiors.
    2. Change your backpacks, helmets, and armor to the same items but of higher levels – they are much more effective. Change your weapon to something more powerful you meet on the way.
    3. Go to big buildings – they can have better loots. Small huts rarely have something interesting, but they may become nice hiding places.
    4. Approach buildings carefully.
  • Many PUBG players like to hide in houses, watching surrounding areas from the windows and shooting everyone around. Stop at a small distance and watch for a while. Movements are easier to notice

    5 easy steps on how to approach buildings PUBG
    1. Expect to meet opponents around corners, behind doors, on second floors… One very popular PUBG tactic is sitting silently in a building and killing everyone who enters. First, make sure there is no one inside, and only then loot the house.
      5 easy steps on how to approach buildings PUBG
  • Your actions when entered a building

    1. Your steps are audible. People in buildings will know where you are. Activate walking (Ctrl) to move quieter. Take your shoes off to be like a silent assassin to opponents.
    2. Listen to everything around. This will give you information about activity inside and outside buildings. Follow this advice everywhere in the game.
    3. Don’t stay motionless in front of windows. Peer outside for a short time, then hide behind a wall, go to another room. Watch outside from different windows. Don’t be frozen in one place – it’s boring and dangerous.
    4. While peering through windows, use the “Q” and “E” buttons to lean right or left. Most of the character’s body will be hidden behind the wall, so that you may shoot opponents in relative safety.
      Your actions when entered a building PUBG
    5. Make traps for your opponents inside buildings – leave some loot for them to see. When someone enters and finds items, he relaxes, thinks no one is here. And then you shoot from a well-hidden place.
    6. If you hide in small huts, opponents may throw a grenade inside or shoot through wooden doors to make sure there will be no surprises for them inside. It may be a better PUBG tactic to burst outside and greet visitors with bullets.
      5 easy steps on how to approach buildings PUBG
    7. Keep moving if you are not in the center of the safe zone. The Blue Wall shouldn’t catch you unexpectedly!
  • What strategy to choose when entering the combat in PUBG?

    1.  Don’t expect to hide from opponents in the grass. It renders from a smaller distance than virtual people, so other players may see no obstructions at all – just your character lying on the earth.
    2.  Lying prone and crouching are not the best decisions when someone shoots you. These kinds of actions limit your mobility.
    3.  Wild locations with no buildings may be even better for hiding – try them! Continually look around to notice movements.
    4.  Walk along the outskirts of towns. People are so busy there with fighting each other that they forget about bullets from outside. They may become easy victims.
    5.  Try to avoid bridges. They are very, very dangerous. If you have to cross the water, consider swimming or taking a boat. Drive fast over bridges on a vehicle – don’t stop until a safe distance is reached. You also may be interested in hiding near bridges to wait for victims, but be ready to meet many competitors.
      What strategy to choose when entering the combat in PUBG?
    6. Press the “C” button to dive while swimming. It may help to hide from shootings. Control the amount of air in the lungs of your character – press
      Space” to rise.
  • Tips on how to survive during the combat in PUBG

    1. If you kill someone, expect to see his teammates. Don’t begin looting the box immediately, make sure you are safe first.
    2. Be at a distance from your teammates. This gives more chances to kill opponents in sudden attacks. Also, this tactic decreases the risk for the whole team to be killed by one sniper.
    3. Don’t hurry to kill badly harmed opponents. Let them wait for their destiny while you finish with everyone around.
    4. Changing your weapon is faster than reloading. Use numbers on the keyboard to take something really fast (1 – primary weapon, 2 – secondary, 3 – pistol, 4 – melee, 5 – grenade).
    5. Change your position after shooting from a hidden place. Sounds attract dangers.
    6. Actively use grenades. The smoke one will cover you from others’ eyes. The fire of a Molotov Cocktail will cause additional damage. A Stun Grenade will blind your opponents for a while. A Frag Grenade may cause lots of damage.
    7. You will shoot more accurately with “Shift” – virtual character holding his breath.
    8. Heal yourself faster by pressing default buttons: 7 (Medical Kit), 8 (First Aid Kit), 9 (Bandages), (Energy Drink).
    9. Use Energy Drinks and Painkillers just before battles – they cause health regeneration over time, and it may give an amazing advantage. Your character runs faster under the effect of these items.
  • How to survive in vehicle. Master PUBG vehicles

    1. When you are in a vehicle, everyone around can hear you. PUBG vehicles are fast, but they attract so much attention. Mind this during the game!
    2. Look for transport near roads. Buggies, UAZs, motorbikes, and other vehicles are spawned there.
      How to survive in vehicle. Master PUBG vehicles
    3. Avoid driving through towns. It is better to go deep in forests or high in mountains than to drive on convenient roads and be killed by lots of snipers from surrounding houses.
    4. If you are a passenger, watch around to see opponents and kill them. Passengers may activate the aiming mode (right click).
    5. Vehicle crashes cause damage to people inside. For drivers, it is better to watch ahead.
    6. Press “Shift” to boost the speed of vehicles.
    7. PUBG vehicles may explode. For example, after rolling from a hill. Be careful!
    8. Squash opponents with a vehicle – it’s an efficient killing method.
    9. You may change your seat in a car by pressing “Ctrl+1” (to drive). Use other numbers for other seats.
      How to survive in vehicle. Master PUBG vehicles
    10. Refuel cars from inside by pressing “Tab” and right-clicking a gas can.
    11. Don’t park near buildings in which you plan to hide. If you make that mistake, then other players will see the vehicle and will suspect something. Pay attention to vehicles parked off the road – someone drove them there!
    12. Press “Space” for sudden stops – it’s the handbrake.
    13. Hold “Space” and left “Ctrl” and you’ll be able to control motorbikes in the air.
  • Tips for looting air drops in PUBG

    1. Planes fly over PUBG locations regularly – you may hear their roar and see them dropping precious supplies. Tips for looting air drops in PUBG
  • Boxes emitting red smoke are full of super effective weapons, powerful medicines, reliable ammunition

    1. Air drops attract many highly skilled players. If you are not ready, avoid them. If a supply box falls near you, sit hidden, watch around – you see many players approaching.
    2. It’s better to loot air drops on a vehicle. You will be able to approach fast and drive away quickly.
    3. Some players wait for others to come closer to the air drops and kill them. You may use the same tactic.
  • Avoid red zones

    1. If you find yourself in the middle of the red zone of bombing, hide inside two-floor buildings. There is little chance for you to be hurt.
    2. Your sounds are hidden by falling bombs, even if you are just near the red zones. Use this feature wisely!
      Avoid red zones
  • _[The Red Zone] provides audio cover, it really looks cool when you’re fighting in it. And really, you shouldn’t be dying to the Red zone. If you’re dying to the Red zone then, I’m sorry but you’re not a very good player”. – Brendan Greene (Player Unknown) _in an interview to Eurogamer

    1. Red zones are temporary. When they disappear, rush into that area – you may be sure there are not so many players inside.
  • How to survive in the late game in PUBG

    1. Try to keep the Blue Wall of death right behind you. Thus, you’ll keep all opponents in front of you. Of course, someone may sprint out of the dangerous zone to your back – be ready to meet such visitors.
    2. Flat roofs are excellent for final battles. You see areas around, you may prone and be protected from bullets. Expect opponents to come onto the roof – it is better to have a teammate controlling the door. Be careful entering a roof – someone may wait for visitors there.
    3. Climb to some roofs from balconies. Open the door, activate crouch and jump onto it, and then jump on the roof.
    4. Keep your character healthy. It is significant during the whole game, but especially at the end. Often players forget about this in the “last 10” situations and care only about shooting – don’t follow their example and you’ll have an advantage in the small group of survivors!
    5. With 0.5 seconds left of healing, you may move, and the process will be finished successfully.
    6. In the later stages of a match, when the safe circle is really small, you better shoot or hide. Every shot reveals your position, so don’t expect to kill someone and continue hiding – change your position, actively shoot everyone else. Or keep still and quiet to the end. Be attentive – impatient guys reveal themselves and you’ll be able to keep them under control.
  • How to survive in the late game in PUBG

    Tips to remember

    1. Always remember – practice makes perfect! The more you play, the better you feel the game and the more secrets it reveals just for you. Your direct in-game experience will become the best PUBG guide.
    2. Play with friends, make online friends in the game. Duo and Squads are more effective, and it is just a more enjoyable experience.

    PUBG brings lots of excitement unless you take it as real life. Don’t associate yourself fully with your virtual character, and you’ll play better. Keep your mind clear of anger and you’ll make better decisions in matches, you’ll reach better results.

    To get more knowledge about the game, read our “Survival Guide for Beginners in PUBG”

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