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PUBG Mobile Update: Miramar, New Vehicles and Weapons

PUBG Mobile Update: Miramar, New Vehicles and Weapons

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The mobile version of PUBG has been updated to version 0.5.0! This means getting new exciting features, the best of which is the possibility to play on the desert map Miramar.

Are you ready for this adventure?

PUBG Mobile Update: Miramar, new vehicles and weapons

Before this update, only the Erangel map was available in PUBG Mobile – players could only play on the imaginary Russian island in the Black Sea. From now, you can jump to the Miramar location, based on the South America/Mexico region. This will expand your gaming experience, because Miramar has less vegetation to hide behind and different towns to loot weapons and equipment. A bit different playing style is needed to succeed here.

It seems like adding new maps is a key feature of PUBG development – Sanhok is in active testing for PUBG PC.

Along with Miramar, PUBG Mobile 0.5.0 contains some other new features:

  • New weapons to kill enemies;
  • New vehicles;
  • Start of the new ranking season;
  • Progress Missions to develop your in-game account;
  • New ways of close interaction between teammates;
  • The possibility to create local teams;
  • A shop for purchasing outfits and items;
  • Secret Stash with discounted items.
  • So, this is motivation enough to launch the game once again on your mobile device and try to win the chicken dinner.

    Recently, the developers of PUBG Mobile released their official emulator for playing the game on Windows computers.

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