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Survival Guide for Beginners in PUBG

The world of PUBG is unpredictably dangerous. Any moment deadly bullets can hit your character, splattering blood all around. Gamers should be attentive and cautious to the max. There is no time to lazily watch landscapes – kill or be killed!

For those who have just started playing this mega-popular title, the very experience may seem stressful. Some guidance will be helpful here – just not to die in the first minutes of playing, to learn how to survive at every stage of the game. That’s why we’ve prepared this PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds beginner guide. We hope it will be useful for making your first steps in PUBG and getting Battle Points for buying crates with nice skins.

Without improving your gaming skills, it will be hard to obtain rare in-game items and earn big selling them on Skins.Cash! So, let’s launch the improvement process through acquaintance with PUBG basics.

When to jump? Where to land?

The game begins with 100 players flying over quite a big virtual island. Everyone has a choice when to exit the plane and where to lead their character, gliding with his parachute. This is a significant moment, and two things should be understood here, for the start of this PUBG tutorial:

  • If you prefer the edges of the map – the blue wall of death appears firstly on the outskirts. After landing there, you may have no time to search for weapons and may be forced to move forward defenseless, to zones with fully-armed guys. The blue wall creates a small circle at the end of game rounds, pushing everyone to battle each other.
  • If you prefer central areas – you will have lots of choices to land, and there are no absolutely best decisions about this. Weapons are stocked mostly inside buildings, so many players try to glide directly to them. Landing among trees or on fields may be safer, but still, there is the problem of weapons. Those guys who get firearms from buildings often make their strongholds there, shooting everyone approaching.

So, there are no clearly  superior places for landing. You should become a brave explorer, trying different strategies and choosing what is appropriate for you. Don’t cling to any decision at the beginning, even if some landing zones seem to be very nice. The game is ever-changing, and that is the beauty and excitement of it! Experiment round after round. Learn every map, try to remember every detail. With practice, you will develop your own game tactics, and this will highlight the best places to land in PUBG just for you.

What to do right after landing?

  • Look for any weapon

  • Take the weapon

  • Hide with it

Guns and healing items are hidden in buildings. Be careful approaching them – there may be a sniper somewhere around. Don’t enter buildings with open doors. If no one was there, doors should be closed. This doesn’t mean that there will be no opponents lurking behind closed doors. It’s a nice trap to close doors behind you, so always do this.

Take anything you can find. But use the best you have. It may look awesome to battle with a frying pan in your hand, but you would be very, very lucky to succeed in such a situation. If your backpack is full, throw away some of the weakest stuff. Check your inventory regularly after collecting new items – maybe you have something better to battle with than your current weapon. Of course, do this in a safe place and quickly return to activity.

hiding vs searching tactics

  • Hiding one of the best PUBG tactics for beginners! Lay down on a hilltop, looking all around. Sit silently on the second floor of a house, peering out through the windows. Be quiet and attentive. Listen to surrounding sounds, which have betrayed many PUBG players. Hold your weapon tight and be ready to shoot approaching guys. Run if someone shoots you. Run after shooting someone.
  • Another approach is to actively search for victims. It’s brave but dangerous. You will be wide open for hidden snipers, and it will be hard to understand from where they are shooting. Still, there are players who prefer to act this way.

The best PUBG strategy guide here is your own gaming style. It can be developed only with practice. It’s better to begin with hiding to get a feel for the game and to learn its mechanics.

Weapons and more

Having a nice rifle is a powerful step towards success in a PUBG match, but having other items will make you even more effective in the game. Armor helps characters to survive after accurate shots on opponents. Healing items help to regain health and continue battling full of energy. Use them every time your character is wounded, but only after running to a somewhat safe place.

pubg weapons

Weapons, along with all other items, are spread throughout the virtual map randomly. Don’t look for them in the same places during new rounds. Buildings are not the only source of nice equipment. Dead bodies are even better. If you’ve killed someone, go to the corpse and take everything from it. Often, nice items can be obtained – that guy put a lot of hard work in, exploring buildings and collecting items. Why not get the fruits of his endeavors?

PUBG vehicles – fast and dangerous

Using cars is a distinguishing feature of this shooting game. They allow you to move fast in a huge virtual location. This is useful when you escape an approaching energy field or want to reach distant places. Vehicles in PUBG may even become a weapon – just crash them into anyone, and he may die immediately.

Riding all over the PUBG maps in a vehicle may be super fun, but it is dangerous at the same time! Cars attract too much attention. They are just very loud, and all the hidden snipers around will see them and try… you know… to kill the driver.

pubg vehicles

Beginners should try vehicles for getting experience, but maybe not in the first few games. Watch others doing this, listen to vehicles, and draw your own conclusions.

Look for vehicles near big roads and junctions.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tips

One aspect of PUBG should become clear for beginners – there is no such thing as a perfect winning strategy in this game! Some advice may turn out to be very helpful in one match and useless in another. You play against live human beings, who are often unpredictable.

For example, you should know how to jump through the windows or how to pick up the weapon, etc. Read our PUBG tips, try to follow them, but always act according to the situation. Be flexible in your gaming style!

Here is some advice concerning not only PUBG but your behavior as a gamer in general. It will influence the game process as well – your real life and your virtual adventures are not separate universes, they are tightly tangled with each other. So, the main PUBG tips:

  • Be ready for many deaths of your virtual character. In PUBG this is an experience to learn from.
  • Play relaxed. The game may create powerful tension – do not fall for it. Only if you are calm can you see the situation clearly and make good decisions quickly.
  • Take breaks between matches. It may be quite seductive to rush into the next battle right after finishing the previous one, but you will be much more effective after a short rest. Just distract your attention to something else and then return to shooting.
  • Learn PUBG controls properly. Your fingers should know an exact button for crawling, an exact button for putting away weapons… Practice again and again to develop automatism in controlling your character.
  • Always try something new in the game. If you play as a hidden sniper at the beginning of your PUBG adventures, try to become a brutal killer for a while. Change your behavior and feel the game from different viewpoints.
  • Play with friends – it’s much more fun, and you will be stronger together. Remember, many people play PUBG with their pals, so killing one should lead to killing others or will cause trouble.
  • Move a lot in the virtual world. Even if you prefer a stealth style, it would be clever to change your position often. Especially after shooting someone – you have shown yourself to bloodthirsty competitors. Loot the corpse and run away.
  • Avoid red zones on the map. They are deadly places with bombs constantly falling.
  • Don’t come close to supplies from airdrops. They will attract so many players that it will be very difficult to survive for beginners. Go for that equipment only after gaining enough experience. You may hide near the place, hoping to kill someone careless and loot his body.
  • Try to think about every match afterwards, when it’s finished. What did you do well? Which actions were mistakes? Build your future gaming strategy on these thoughts.
  • Feel real possibilities of your computer! This game is very demanding to hardware, but using the best PUBG settings allows avoiding lags, finding the harmonic balance of fast performance and beautiful graphics.
  • Enjoy the game! Really, this may be the very best PUBG tip ever! Don’t forget that this is just a game, and it should be enjoyable. If PUBG is fun for you, play it again and again, becoming a skilled gamer easily.

You may read this PUBG guide and tons of others, but unless you absorb them into your mind and begin to put them into practice, they will just be useless information. Your real gaming experience is the only thing that makes you a powerful warrior in this virtual Battle Royale.

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