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PUBG Mobile Gameplay Review

PUBG Mobile Gameplay Review

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In the middle of March 2018, one of the most popular games of modern times was released for mobile devices – PUBG Mobile is free for Android and iOS smartphones.

This is a big event for the gaming world, because the original PUBG has a big but still limited audience – not so many people have powerful enough computers to allow the game to run properly. PUBG on mobile is not so dependent upon hardware. Millions and millions of gamers have now got the possibility to participate in powerful Battle Royale shooting matches.

Which unique features does PUBG Mobile have in comparison to the desktop version? Is it a decent title to try and enjoy?

Get used to touch screen controlling

The most obvious difference between mobile and PC gaming is controls – having a keyboard and a mouse gives more freedom in exploring virtual worlds and battling against opponents of all sorts. Usually, mobile versions of big games suffer at this point, but the developers of PUBG Mobile have done great and thought through all the small details.

Hold your smartphone and everything will be within reach of your fingers – run with a convenient virtual joystick at the left side, choose to duck or to crawl with the right buttons, aim and shoot with your right finger, open your backpack with your left finger… Of course, some practice is needed to feel totally comfortable, but even the first impressions are very positive.

Special practice is needed for accurate shooting – this skill is a bit harder to obtain in PUBG Mobile gameplay, but everything here depends on your enthusiasm. The more you play, the better your skills become.

Some adjustments of the control buttons can be done in the settings menu. Visit this section after one-two matches to understand the basic controls and to feel which changes will make your style more effective. For example, you can activate the option to shoot with your right or left fingers at the same time.

The controlling in the game is really comfortable. Try it, because watching the PUBG Mobile trailer can’t fully give the direct experience. 

Free-to-play game – this is not only about price…

The original PUBG costs money. Developers try to get additional monetization by selling crate keys, as well as players are trying to monetize their skill and time by selling PUBG items. In other aspects, we may enjoy the core of a paid game – just play without unnecessary distractions.

PUBG Mobile is free to play. This doesn’t mean the developers aren’t looking for revenue, this means they want to get it in another way. Free-to-play games are eager to attract our attention regularly, as often as possible – to show advertisements, to sell additional virtual stuff. That’s why the mobile version of PUBG is full of things, common for free-to-play titles: daily missions, special events…

Gamers begin with a naked novice character. By performing different tasks and just by participating in shooting missions you earn virtual coins to buy clothes, and experience points to increase in-game level. Crates with PUBG skins can be obtained through random drops, whilst accomplishing missions and earning vitality points.

pubg mobile

Those “free-to-play” features of the game are not annoying at all. The developers kept the harmony in their attempts to hold gamers and didn’t overstep the reasonable boundaries.

To delve into PUBG Mobile gameplay

The very core of the mobile edition is the same as of the “big” game. 100 people fly over a virtual island on a plane. Everyone is free to choose the time of jumping and a good place to land. Then the battle begins – only one will survive and will be called the winner. Players hide, players attack each other… Many deaths are caused by the blue wall, which pushes everyone to run into the map center and to fight even harder.

Most of the things from our Survival Guide for Beginners in PUBG hold true for PUBG Mobile. Still, there are some unique features in the mobile gameplay, and they are just great. For example, automatic pick up of items, a possibility to keep running without touching the movement joystick.

pubg mobile

Same “old PUBG”

  • PUBG Mobile game also has cars. Controlling them is very convenient – virtual buttons change when you sit in a vehicle. The physics of driving are the same as in the original game. And the best advantage of vehicles is the possibility to escape from the blue wall of death with  good speed.
  • To use something from the backpack, you tap a special button on the screen. One of the nice things is the possibility to use healing items directly by tapping their special icons at the bottom.
  • After finishing a match, players get their ranking, which is based on different parameters, such as caused damage, number of kills, etc.
  • In PUBG Mobile, we can play in squad mode with friends. Markers on the map are made especially for it. They help other guys to understand where you are going to land. For communication, we can use Text or Voice chats.

What about performance?

The game runs very well on nice smartphones. It is better to plug in your charge cable and to remain in an area of high-speed Internet – the game is still quite demanding of energy and connection with the server. It is better to have a decent mobile device – the game will not run on the simplest phones with lack of RAM and processor power. Otherwise, the performance of PUBG Mobile is surprisingly good. Especially in comparison to the original game, which is full of lags even on powerful PCs.

We can congratulate PUBG Corporation and the developers from Tencent Games with this release – it is super nice, very attractive to gamers, well elaborated and optimized. We expect to see PUBG Mobile become very popular and this success is deserved.

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