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Sanhok – the new PUBG map for open testing

PUBG Corp. has revealed the final name for the new map. Previously, we knew it as Codename: Savage, an experimental small location of the 4×4 km size. From now, players can call it Sanhok! This map will be available for public testing, and each owner of the game can participate in it.

Why Sanhok?

The new PUBG map will provide gamers with a totally fresh experience:

  • it’s small, so players will face each other faster and have the opportunity to fight more than hiding;
  • the map has deep jungles, vast water ponds, and even a huge cave.

The location is built on the basis of Southeastern Asia. That’s why the developers combined two Asian words for the name of the new map: “fun” from the Thai language that sounds like “sah-nook”; and “chicken” from the Filipino language Tagalog that sounds like “mah-nok”. So, we ended up with “Sanhok”!

Sanhok – the new PUBG map for open testing

The map with the name Codename: Savage was available for testing on the Closed Experimental Server. To get bigger feedback from PUBG players, the game developers have moved the map with the new name to the open Experimental Server, so that anybody can play on it and help to make the location better.

This testing session is time limited. It starts on May 10, 7 PM PDT (May 11, 4 AM CEST; May 11, 11 AM KST) and continues until May 14, 4 AM PDT (May 14, 1 PM CEST; May 14, 8 PM KST).

The official post of the PUBG developers informs about the plans for the final release of Sanhok in a couple of months.

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