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PUBG Mobile on PC through the official emulator

Tencent, the developer of PUBG Mobile, has presented their official emulator to play the popular shooter on Windows computers. From now on, players may get an extra advantage in this mobile Battle Royale by using a keyboard and mouse.

The mobile version of PUBG appeared after the success of the PC game. It got quite a few positive reviews from gamers and critics – thanks to well-organized control buttons and nice performance on smartphones and tablets.

Still, some players experience inconvenience in controlling shoot-out matches on touch screens. It is obviously handier to press buttons on a keyboard and to aim with mouse movements. To give the best possible experience, Tencent has released the official emulator of PUBG Mobile for PC – Tencent’s Gaming Buddy. It is still on the stage of public beta, so players may experience lags.

The emulator for PUBG Mobile is free. Download it from the official site

There are two clear reasons to use Tencent’s Gaming Buddy:

  • For getting an advantage over players with normal mobile devices, especially for those players who couldn’t master the touch screen controlling.
  • For playing free PUBG on a computer, if the original PC version doesn’t run properly due to hardware specifications.

Some gamers have negative feelings about the emulator because of its technical instability. Also, many are wondering about the future of the game as a mobile title – who will play it on a smartphone, suspecting all their competitors have an upper hand thanks to using computer equipment? So, Tencent’s Gaming Buddy may just kill PUBG Mobile!

What do you think, guys? Let us know in the comments below, and recommend you to read our PUBG beginners guide to become the best player ever.

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The first ever official PUBG Esports tournament is planned for July 2018.



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