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New payout method – meet OpenBanking
OpenBanking is an opportunity to withdraw money for skins to your bank account quickly, with minimum commission. And now this feature is available on Skins.Cash ? All you have to do is select OpenBanking as the payout method, enter your IBAN, and receive cash in your bank account in a few minutes.
Skins.Cash Updates in 2021
In 2021, we tried to make Skins.Cash even more convenient for you. Therefore, this year has become very fruitful for positive changes and renewals. This is what will be remembered for 2021 for Skins.Cash users.
Top-5 Bowie Knives in CS: GO
The bowie knife is one of the best combat knives in CS: GO series. It serves as the primary melee weapon for stabbing and dealing damage to enemies in combat, so as a melee weapon, it cannot be dropped and has to be swapped for a new one in-game or switch to another melee weapon in your arsenal before the game.
CS:GO looks differently – new Panorama UI
Since its release in 2012, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive had the same UI (User Interface). Many changes were implemented to the graphics, maps, weapons, and gameplay, but the game updates never changed the game menu. Never, until now…
Small Update of CS:GO – from 5/22/2018
Developers from Valve continue working on their classic multiplayer shooting game – they released a new update, which turned out to be a rather small one. Most of the changes are concerned with in-game sounds:
CS:GO Update: Changes to Nuke and Overpass, Neck Shots
The developers of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have prepared a fresh game update. It introduces adjustments to maps and some changes to the gameplay. The previous CS:GO update changed the animation of SMGs and improved the ShortNuke map.
CS:GO Update: SMGs for terrorists, ShortNuke
On April 30, Valve released an update for their classic shooting game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It includes a few changes to the animations, to the sounds, and to one of the maps. From now, we will see a different appearance of terrorist characters holding three Submachine Guns: MP7, MP9, and MAC10.
CS:GO Update: Maps Adjustments
Valve Corporation has presented a new update to their legendary shooting game, CS:GO. The changes concern maps, or rather, map lists. In the Active map pool, pro players have Dust II back. This map replaces Cobblestone.