Sell Skins
P250 | Franklin
P250 | Franklin image
  • Well-Worn $ 1.74
  • Field-Tested $ 0.78
  • Minimal Wear $ 1.12
  • Factory New $ 1.92
  • Well-Worn $ 1.29
  • Field-Tested $ 0.69
  • Minimal Wear $ 0.83
  • Factory New $ 1.52
  • Factory New $ 1.61
  • Field-Tested $ 0.49
  • Minimal Wear $ 0.79

P250 Franklin Skin CS2

The P250 pistol is favored by CS2 players because of its high rate of fire and low recoil. It is available for both Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. It is considered to be one of the best weapons when there is a shortage of resources in the round. If you shoot at an enemy without armor, a hit to the head can instantly take their life.

Despite the high concentration during the game and the continuous control of the situation, sometimes you want to change the environment with a stylish weapon design. For this purpose, use P250 skins. There’s a wide choice of more than 345 available, and they attract attention with their diversity. One of the most sought-after items is P250 Franklin.


The skin was introduced on May 1, 2014 as part of The Hunt Begins update. It was developed by the designers of Valve Studio. You will not be able to get it by opening cases. If you want to become the owner of the skin, check out The Bank Collection.

The P250 Franklin price is low. This is why the item can be purchased by almost everyone who wants it. The cost depends on the skin’s exterior:

Popularity and Rarity

P250 Franklin skins are popular; of interest to beginners and experienced gamers. The demand level of the item is equal to 90% and more than 497,000 copies are available on marketplaces. The skin is even used by cybersports professionals, for example, flusha, olofmeister, and Happy. The item’s rarity is Classified. It doesn’t drop out that often—the chance of getting it is 3.2%.

Pattern Description

The design of P250 Franklin in Counter Strike 2 is simple yet original. The entire body of the weapon is decorated with an image of $100 bills featuring a portrait of Benjamin Franklin. Some elements of the weapon (the smallest parts) are not colored.

The pattern index affects the way the skin texture is applied. However, there are no rare or special variations of the item. When you buy it, you will show that you are willing to do anything for a generous reward. Nothing will stop a motivated player on the battlefield. Opponents will be defeated; it’s just a matter of time.

Effect of Float

Each item has a Float Value that determines its appearance and overall condition. As for the item in question, the value ranges from 0.00 to 0.40. This means that you can buy P250 Franklin skin CS2 in any exterior except Battle-Scarred.

As for the condition of the product: the first scuffs can be noted at the Factory New stage. Of course, they are insignificant. However, the number and size of imperfections increase as you approach the maximum level of wear. The presence of scuffs is not a disadvantage. Many players buy items with flaws to emphasize their active engagement in CS2.