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Butterfly Knife Skins

In the competitive and visually engaging world of CS2, the allure of butterfly knife skins cannot be understated. As one of the most coveted cosmetic items, these skins not only add a layer of personal flair to a player’s arsenal but also serve as a status symbol within the community. The right butterfly knife skin can turn heads in every match, making them a sought-after accessory for players looking to stand out. Given their popularity, understanding the nuances of different skins, from the cheapest butterfly knife CS2 options to the rarest treasures, is essential for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

This article delves deep into the world of butterfly knife skins, offering readers a comprehensive guide to the top picks, popular favorites, and those elusive skins that only a few can boast of owning. Whether you’re on the hunt for affordable butterfly knife skins that won’t break the bank or seeking to learn about the rarest skins that command attention and admiration, you’ll find invaluable insights here. Accompanied by sections on the most popular butterfly knife skins and tips on acquiring them, this ultimate list aims to equip readers with the knowledge to enhance their CS experience with the perfect butterfly knife cs choice.

Top Butterfly Knife Skins


The Butterfly Knife | Vanilla, added during Operation Breakout on July 1, 2014, stands out with its simplistic design. This skin features an unpainted blade and handle, emphasizing its sleek, minimalistic appeal. Its Float Value ranges from 0.06 to 0.80, which does not alter the knife’s appearance, maintaining a consistent look across different conditions. Available in the Operation Breakout Weapon Case, this covert knife also offers a StatTrak version, although it is not commonly seen in gameplay.


Introduced in the Operation Riptide update on September 22, 2021, the Butterfly Knife | Autotronic is known for its distinctive red anodized finish and lightweight steel mesh construction. This covert knife, which can be found in both the Dreams & Nightmares and Operation Riptide cases, combines functionality with style. The finish style is classified under Gunsmith, with a catalog number of 1115, making it a unique addition to any collection.


The Butterfly Knife | Lore, inspired by the legendary AWP | Dragon Lore, was also released during the Operation Riptide update. This skin features a gold-painted blade adorned with a medieval pattern and a green handle with yellow-brown stone inserts. Despite its elaborate design, the Lore maintains a covert quality and is available with a StatTrak option. It can be found in the Dreams & Nightmares and Operation Riptide cases. This knife’s design does not change with wear, keeping its aesthetic consistent across all conditions.

Among the most popular butterfly knife skins in CS2, the Butterfly Knife | Black Laminate stands out with its dark, sophisticated look. Released on September 22, 2021, during Operation Riptide, this skin features a black-painted body with dark and light wood handle inserts. It’s available in all conditions, with its appearance changing slightly as it wears, becoming darker and more battle-worn.

Next, the Butterfly Knife | Freehand is noted for its unique street art style. Also introduced in Operation Riptide, this skin boasts a dark purple blade adorned with whimsical white drawings. The handle remains unpainted with purple inserts, and the skin’s condition ranges from pristine to heavily used, where the abrasions become more noticeable.

Lastly, the Butyterfly Knife | Bright Water offers a refreshing look with its blue and white hydrographic pattern that mimics rippling water. This skin was part of the same update and has quickly become a favorite for its vibrant design and the way it stands out in competitive play. It’s favored by players like ’npl’ and has been seen in various professional matches, adding to its popularity and demand 36.

Rare and Expensive Butterfly Knife Skins

The Butterfly Knife | Gamma Doppler Emerald stands as one of the most coveted and expensive skins, with its vibrant green hues and rare Emerald phase fetching prices starting at $17,500. Each of the four phases of Gamma Doppler knives features distinct shadings, but the Emerald version is particularly sought after for its unique color.

In contrast, the Butterfly Knife | Fade is renowned for its stunning gradient transitions from purple to pink and yellow. The most valuable variant, known as “100% Fade,” achieves a full purple tip, making it highly prized among collectors. This skin, only available in Factory New or Minimal Wear conditions, commands a high market value due to its rarity and striking appearance.

Lastly, the Butterfly Knife | Slaughter offers a more affordable yet still visually appealing option. Its design features a red pattern that varies significantly based on the knife’s pattern index, affecting its valuation and desirability in the market. This skin is also available in the Operation Breakout Weapon Case, making it accessible yet rare.

Affordable Butterfly Knife Skins

The Butterfly Knife | Scorched, introduced during Operation Breakout on July 1, 2014, offers a budget-friendly option with its covert quality and StatTrak feature. The entire body of the knife is spray-painted black and beige, creating a camouflage pattern that becomes more pronounced with wear. Available in all conditions, its Float Value ranges from 0.06 to 0.80, with the paint layer peeling significantly at higher values.

For those seeking a more unique design, the Butterfly Knife | Safari Mesh is also an affordable choice. Added on the same date, this skin uses beige and khaki spray-paint applied through mesh fencing as a stencil. It maintains its covert status and is available with a StatTrak option, appealing to players who appreciate a rustic aesthetic.

Lastly, the Butterfly Knife | Ultraviolet presents a sophisticated option at a reasonable price. This skin is available in a range from Battle-Scarred to Factory New, with prices varying accordingly. Its distinct appearance combines a sleek, dark color scheme with durability, making it a popular choice among players looking for style and affordability.


Throughout this exploration of butterfly knife skins in CS2, we’ve navigated the diverse array of options available to players, from the utterly extravagant to the beautifully budget-friendly. By detailing the most sought-after skins, like the vivid Gamma Doppler Emerald and the sleek Vanilla, this guide serves as a comprehensive overview for enthusiasts eager to elevate their gaming experience. Each skin, with its unique appeal and backstory, not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of a player’s weaponry but also signifies their prowess and persona within the game’s universe.

The journey through the world of CS2’s butterfly knife skins underlines the game’s rich culture of collectibility and customization. Players have a myriad of choices to personalize their gameplay, whether they seek the prestige of rare skins or the understated elegance of more affordable options. As the community continues to evolve, so too will the landscape of butterfly knife skins, promising new treasures and challenges for collectors and gamers alike. This guide serves as a stepping stone into the vibrant ecosystem of CS2 cosmetics, inviting players to delve deeper, explore further, and possibly uncover their next prized possession in this exciting virtual battleground.