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New PUBG event – Ghillie Crossing

New PUBG event – Ghillie Crossing

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Guys, have you heard about those times when there were no firearms at all, and warriors battled with bows and clubs? Something similar is happening in the PUBG universe during an upcoming event named Ghillie Crossing.

Unlike the previous event, War Mode: Desert Knights, which took place on the Miramar map, this one invites players to Erangel.

Ghillie Crossing starts at 11 PM (PDT), May 24 (7 AM CEST, 2 PM KST, May 25).

The event ends at 7 PM (PDT), May 27 (4 AM CEST, 11 AM KST, May 28).

New PUBG event – Ghillie Crossing

The main feature of the PUBG event Ghillie Crossing is the presence of only crossbows and melee weapons. Players may find 2-4x scopes for their crossbows. Other items will be spawning normally.  

Also, the event’s conditions are:

  • Battle Royale matches of 4-man squads;
  • Ghillie Suits will spawn near other loot;
  • No vehicles available;
  • The Blue Wall of death causes more damage at the end of the matches;
  • The safe zone closes itself in the map center;
  • No red zones;
  • No air drops;
  • After a character’s death, players are able to observe the game through the eyes of the killers.
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