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PUBG Mobile introduces Arcade Mode

PUBG Mobile introduces Arcade Mode

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A new game mode is now available in the mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It’s called Arcade Mode, and players got quite interesting features to enjoy with their Battle Royale matches.

Arcade Mode is part of a major update of PUBG Mobile – 0.4.0. As usual with games on Android and iOS devices, the update process is automatic. The developers are seeking to motivate players to open the PUBG application in its 0.4.0 version, giving:

  • a tri-color parachute for more fancy landing;
  • a rename card to activate a new name for your account (once per day for one card);
  • Outfit Box III with clothes and accessories for your virtual character;
  • 1888 Battle Points to spend for in-game stuff.
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This 0.4.0 update of PUBG Mobile brings many significant game optimizations, which is crucial for rather new games. It’s nice to see PUBG Corp working hard on its product, improving it in many ways. Here are some exciting changes:

  • Players can activate automatic door opening in Settings;
  • Ability to see previously used vehicles on the mini-map;
  • Quicker leans and new options “Lean and Open Scope” and “Lean and Fire”;
  • Dusk in virtual locations;
  • Training with all weapons available and no possible harm to players.

Still, Arcade Mode seems to be the most significant innovation worth gamers’ attention. To try it in practice, tap the mode-choosing menu under the “Start” button in the left upper corner. There will be Classic (original mode of PUBG Mobile) and Arcade.

After choosing the new mode, players begin PUBG matches with one of these conditions:

  • Shotguns only;
  • Sniper Rifles only;
  • Melee Weapons only;
  • Pistols only;
  • All Weapons;
  • Item Heaven (with much more high-level loot).

Arcade Mode means matches of just 28 players (instead of the usual 100). Battles happen in a smaller circle. This means shorter shooting sessions – five-ten minutes long, which is nice for playing on the go. Also, random Duo and Squad teams can coordinate their actions much better on such small territories.

Players have a chance to improve their shooting skills significantly, because in Arcade Mode you bump into other guys almost immediately after landing. This experience will make you a better player in Classic Mode as well.

We still don’t know if a similar mode will be implemented for the PC and Xbox One versions of PUBG, but you should read and learn our easy 81 PUBG Tips or Player Unknown Battlegrounds beginner guide to play better. One of the recent updates of the original game includes сhanges in the Blue Wall of death – read the description on the Skins.Cash blog.


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