Sell Skins
P250 | See Ya Later
P250 | See Ya Later image
  • Battle-Scarred $ 2.56
  • Well-Worn $ 3.84
  • Field-Tested $ 3.19
  • Minimal Wear $ 6.1
  • Factory New $ 10.65
  • StatTrak™ Battle-Scarred $ 10.97
  • StatTrak™ Well-Worn $ 13.45
  • StatTrak™ Field-Tested $ 10.38
  • StatTrak™ Minimal Wear $ 22.78
  • StatTrak™ Factory New $ 52.07
  • Battle-Scarred $ 2.13
  • Well-Worn $ 3.29
  • Field-Tested $ 2.34
  • Minimal Wear $ 4.27
  • Factory New $ 8.33
  • StatTrak™ Battle-Scarred
  • StatTrak™ Well-Worn $ 13.27
  • StatTrak™ Field-Tested $ 7.2
  • StatTrak™ Minimal Wear $ 15.48
  • StatTrak™ Factory New $ 65.63
  • Battle-Scarred $ 1.94
  • Factory New $ 7.61
  • Field-Tested $ 2.25
  • Minimal Wear $ 3.95
  • Well-Worn $ 2.82
  • StatTrak™ Factory New $ 34.83
  • StatTrak™ Field-Tested $ 8.89
  • StatTrak™ Minimal Wear $ 14.83

P250 | See Ya Later Skin in CS2

The P250 See Ya Later skin concept is based on the famous rock ’n’ roll song “See You Later, Alligator”. However, the designers reflected the idea in the most literal sense. There is a crocodile’s mouth with huge teeth on the popular P250 pistol, which is chosen for its affordable price and good shooting quality.

This is one of a few P250 skins that has a cartoon-style design. It is still intimidating in its unique way. The item is a part of the Spectrum 2 collection, which was released at the same time as the China, Are You Ready? update. The artists and designers, ClegFX, wewantrox, and dannytrejo4.0, invested all their skills to create it.

History of P250 See Ya Later

The Spectrum 2 collection, which was created specifically before the launch of Chinese servers, includes many interesting and valuable items, including knives, AK-47s, PP-Bizon, and the P250 pistol. CS2 P250 See Ya Later skins were released in September 2017, and have not decreased in popularity for years.

The story of its creation is indirectly connected with the song of the same name by Bill Haley. Apparently, the creators were inspired by the song during the concept development process.

Popularity and Rarity

The skin of the Covert category is not difficult to find on the marketplaces but it is quite difficult to obtain, as the drop probability is only 0.64%. P250 | See Ya Later has a low price, averaging $10 in various degrees of wear and tear.

This item is very popular among gamers. The demand can be explained by the unique design, bright prints, and juicy colors. A cartoonish appearance gives the skin a touch of playfulness, and it is found quite often in the game. It was voted for by a large number of players on different sites and in polls giving 95% positive feedback. As a result, the skin received a high rating.

Pattern Description

The pattern is dominated by green and yellow colors. Many people like the quality of the graphics, and there are a number of good reasons for that:

The Custom Paint Job style resulted in a custom look and a great color spectrum. The alligator’s evil grin—even in cartoon style—looks intimidating and frightens enemies. You can ignore the pattern index, which does not affect the external design and color palette.

Effect of Float

The skin is available in all exteriors, thanks to the Float Value with a range of 0.06–0.7. Minor scuffs are present on the factory new P250 See Ya Later and appear in various places during use. That said, even Well-Worn and Battle-Scarred skins remain very attractive, which is why they are especially appreciated by active gamers.

It is possible to buy P250 See Ya Later skin with a StatTrak™ counter, however, there is no souvenir modification. It appeals to gamers who like to stand out, draw attention to themselves, and send an aggressive message with humor.