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ESL One Birmingham 2018
Aren’t you tired of all the majors this season? Professional players certainly are, as they are often declining invitations to focus on training for The International. Only two majors before TI 2018 remain, and the stakes are high, as every team wants to gain extra DPC points and guarantee their invitation to the most anticipated event on the Dota 2 Pro scene.
7 Types of Toxic Players That Can Ruin Your Game
If you have never encountered a toxic player in Dota 2, you probably have been playing some other game. There are so many people out there that can’t contain their anger or at least voice it correctly, that toxicity has become an endless source of jokes and memes.
MDL Changsha Major
This year’s season is packed with top-level professional championships. There are nine majors and thirteen minors before the grand event – The International. Probably the number of majors will be decreased in the 2018/2019 season, as players currently have to hop from one championship right to another.
CS:GO on mobile or TV? This is possible with Steam Link!
Valve has announced a new application – Steam Link. It will be able to stream games from computers to mobile devices. This is a new way to play CS:GO on your smartphone or tablet but still you’ll need to have a PC to do the heavy lifting.
Epicenter XL has just finished, bringing us some amazing matches, surprising outcomes and something to discuss for a week until the next pro circuit tournament, MDL Changsta Major, starts. Epicenter was held from April 27 to May 6, with the main event at the VTB Ice Palace on May 4-6.
All You Need to Know About EPICENTER XL Before It Starts

This season is incredibly fruitful in epic competitions coming our way. The Dota 2 pro circuit schedule is so intense it makes teams decline invitations to certain championships to focus on other more important ones. Epicenter is the fourth major out of seven tournaments this year. The qualifiers are over, and all the participants have been announced.

Dota 2 News Digest: March
Despite PUBG and PUBG Mobile becoming a global gaming hit, Dota doesn’t seem to be abandoning their positions. Let’s have a look at the updates and events that happened in the Dota 2 world in the first month of spring.
Dota 2 Asia Championship 2018
March 29 – April 7 The top sixteen esports teams gathered in Shanghai to compete for an impressive prize pool of $1,000,000 and 1,500 qualifying points that will ensure their invitation to the International. Six teams were invited to the event, while ten others fought in regional qualifiers for their right to participate.
New Exciting Feature Added: Dota Plus
Valve has issued a surprisingly large number of updates this year. We can say that their motto this year probably has something to do with change. At first, they altered the update policy, and now you can wave bye-bye to the good old Majors Battle Pass.
Dota 2 February News Digest
It’s almost the middle of spring and just the right time to sum up Dota 2 news that happened in February. Game Updates IceFrog announced a change in update policy. Historically, patches were released only two or three times a year, after or right before major LAN events, and often they were game-altering.
Top Hot News: January 2018 in Review

So many exciting events happen in the gaming world that sometimes it’s difficult to follow them all. We’ve chosen the most significant news of January 2018 from the worlds of CS:GO, Dota 2, and PUBG gaming. This will help you guys not to miss anything interesting.

Main Events Schedule

The world of Esports is frantically busy nowadays. Tournaments follow in quick succession, with just small gaps in between. It seems like teams of principal game titles almost don’t have any time to rest before new qualification sessions and playoffs. The same with fans, who continually have exciting Esports events to watch, matches to cheer for their favorite teams.

Best Dota 2 Gankers for Your Team to Score an Epic Victory
We bet you’ve already learned that knowing everything about the role you have chosen in Dota makes it easier to understand what’s going on on screen. So, what do you need to know if you’ve decided that you want to play as a ganker, and which Dota 2 heroes are best for the role?