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CS:GO on mobile or TV? This is possible with Steam Link!

Valve has announced a new application – Steam Link. It will be able to stream games from computers to mobile devices.

This is a new way to play CS:GO on your smartphone or tablet but still you’ll need to have a PC to do the heavy lifting. Also, you can play any other game from your Steam library in the same way.

Steam Link will be a kind of repeater for the game’s video, turning your mobile device into a monitor. To set up a fast and stable connection, Valve recommends using wired Ethernet or a 5 GHz network. The application will be available on iPhones, iPads, Apple TV, and all sorts of Android devices (including Android TVs).

This app may come in handy:

  • When you can’t use your computer monitor (someone is busy on the Internet or texting…) but you want to play a game.
  • When you just want to play Steam games on a big screen of an Android TV or through the Apple TV device, getting the feeling of playing on a game console.

What about ways to control games? Valve promises the support of Steam and MFI controllers, among other peripherals.

The Steam Link app will be available for free starting from May 21.

Later this year, Valve is going to launch its Steam Video app – to watch movies and shows from Steam on Android and iOS devices.

Gamers already have all the necessary applications to watch CS:GO Esports videos on their mobile devices. Will you enjoy the exciting matches of the ESL Pro League Season 7: Finals?

To play PUBG on a smartphone, you don’t need an additional application – just a special version of the game, PUBG Mobile.



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