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Main Events Schedule

Main Events Schedule

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The world of Esports is frantically busy nowadays. Tournaments follow in quick succession, with just small gaps in between. It seems like teams of principal game titles almost don’t have any time to rest before new qualification sessions and playoffs. The same with fans, who continually have exciting Esports events to watch, matches to cheer for their favorite teams.

Of course, some Esports tournaments are much more significant than others. Those, organized by ELeague, Star Ladder, DreamHack, or ESL, attract the attention of millions, and the best global teams strive to participate in them.

Do you know which high profile events await us in 2018?

This schedule of the main Esports tournaments will help to make sure you keep up with all the most exciting gaming extravaganzas!

CS:GO Esports

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a mainstay for Esports! It’s a shooter, where teamwork and individual skills are key factors of success. This game is interesting to play as a beginner, so there are many admirers who understand the game process deeply and appreciate the amazing skills of professional players. CS:GO tournaments are fantastic shows that gather a giant audience.

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Dota 2 Esports

To succeed in battles of Dota 2, gamers should know the heroes and their abilities perfectly, understand items and their influences, and be able to precisely coordinate actions with teammates. Watching fantastic creatures fight each other, using virtual magic and real mind-powers of pro-players is a captivating show! Of course, a basic understanding of the game will make Dota 2 tournaments much more interesting to watch.

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PUBG Esports

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a recent sensation in the gaming world! It promises powerful battles on a virtual island, where 100 players compete for kills to become the only winner of a round. This game has all the prerequisites to achieve huge Esports popularity, but at the same time it has some disadvantages – teamwork is rather difficult and it is not so easy to organize an interesting show on the basis of this shooter. Nonetheless, we already have powerful PUBG Esports events taking place during 2018, and we expect more in the future.

PUBG Events

Esports is a living, ever-changing organism. Many small and big events happen regularly – from transferring players between teams to frequent interesting matches. The most interesting news on CS:GO, Dota 2, and PUBG Esports can be found here.