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New Exciting Feature Added: Dota Plus

New Exciting Feature Added: Dota Plus

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Valve has issued a surprisingly large number of updates this year. We can say that their motto this year probably has something to do with change. At first, they altered the update policy, and now you can wave bye-bye to the good old Majors Battle Pass. The official Dota website is calling the new subscription service, Dota Plus, an evolution of the Battle Pass. Is it really?

Dota Plus: Main Features

Extended services are now available in monthly subscription form, compared to the previous one-time payment. The official blog also states that the service will focus on expanding the number of features and content they provide rather than concentrating on a fixed set of options. Here are the three main features of the new service.

Dota 2 Plus Assistant

Hero Progression

The Plus system offers hero leveling. Now you will earn XP for every match played by a certain hero. After reaching a certain level, you’ll unlock Hero Badges and receive Reward Shards. To sharpen your skill and control of a hero, you can now play hero-specific challenges. Pick a level of difficulty and earn even more XP.

Dota 2 Plus Assistant

Each hero has a reliquary with 14 relics in total – 10 common and four rare ones – which, once unlocked, help track your in-game achievements, for example, the total number of hero concoctions. Hero Chat Wheel allows you to choose unique phrases to address your allies and opponents, and you can buy new expressions using your Reward Shards. Each week you will also be granted a specific quest to win 1,000 extra Shards.

You can use shards to choose from unique plus-items and legacy items from the most popular heroes.

Plus Assistant

Unlike the first feature, which is mostly focused on cosmetic rewards, this one can be truly useful. Valve advertises the service as an endless pool of knowledge that will help to enhance your skill. In the beginning, the assistant will provide you with a hero pick suggestion based on the picks of your enemies and allies.

The service also offers ability and item suggestion. According to the set of heroes and your line, Dota 2 helper will show you three possible build sequences and a pool of other useful and popular items. If you decided on a different item, hit “recalculate” so the system can adjust to the new setting.

Dota 2 Plus Assistant

The assistant displays all kinds of useful analytics – death summary, post-game analysis, global trends and win probability graphs, and other stats that fall in the “Dota 2 help” category.

Weekly Battle Cup

Finally, the Battle Cup is back, and your free tickets are included in the Dota Plus subscription. However, they will still be accessible to non-members for $0.99. The prize pool includes an impressive 20,000 shards with special emoticons and account awards. Oh, and you’ll get seasonal terrain as a neat and pleasing bonus – now you can boast that your Dota map looks incredible when covered in tender sakura flowers.


You can get more information about the service and its features at the official Dota 2 blog. Follow our blog to get more gaming news, updates and reviews.


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