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7 Types of Toxic Players That Can Ruin Your Game

7 Types of Toxic Players That Can Ruin Your Game

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If you have never encountered a toxic player in Dota 2, you probably have been playing some other game. There are so many people out there that can’t contain their anger or at least voice it correctly, that toxicity has become an endless source of jokes and memes. However, the game is still great and worth playing minus the trolls and flaming players. Here are a few hints to help you navigate the Dota community without spoiling your mood.

Types of Toxic Players

The Troll

We are not talking the great Troll Warlord, of course, but about the ordinary human being with an intense urge to insult others. They are great at provoking and want to see your emotional response above all else. Remember that they need your attention above all, and, however difficult it may be, try to stay concentrated on the game. This will help you to remain as calm as you can. And oh, mute the troll right away, and don’t forget to report them after the game.

7 Types of Toxic Players That Can Ruin Your Game

The Racist or Misogynist

This player is convinced that there is no chance you can be good at Dota if you are Chinese, Russian, Polish or female. Of course, being judged by your gender or skin color is always offensive, but try to keep calm. Like the toxic player from the first category, the racist isn’t here to check whether their beliefs are inaccurate. They already have a mindset and can squeeze almost anything into it, even if you belong to Divine Elite. Mute and block the person right away to save your nerves, and report them after the game so other players won’t have to deal with them.

The Know-It-All (Dictator)

Be honest – we all behave like this from time to time, but what matters is whether this is your permanent interaction type with your team. A true know-it-all neither admits their right to make a mistake nor allows other teammates to offer a strategy. They don’t trust their teammates to such an extent that this person would probably play from five computers if they only could. Also, a know-it-all will spam your game by endlessly signaling on your location. Unfortunately, you can’t mute in-game signals – so try to stay calm until the end of the game, and then simply ban them.

The Farmer

No matter what is happening on the map – an epic gank, a forceful push, or defending the base, this hero will farm until there are no creeps left. These players typically pick Medusa, Legion Commander, Anti-Mage, or Nature’s Prophet and farm their way to the ancients until it’s all over. Don’t even try to engage them or hope to get help in a critical situation – it’s unclear why these people even play a team-based game if they don’t like playing in a group. Try to cooperate with the remaining team to carry the match, and don’t forget to report and ban.

The Peenoise

This person may not be the worst among Dota 2 toxic players; but they can still be pretty annoying, especially if you are sensitive to unpleasant sounds. As with any abusive player, these users rarely consider the comfort of other people – they tap the keyboard with such intensity, as though it could save their gaming lives, that you can barely hear the other players in the voice chat. It also seems that they tend to install their microphones in weird places, as you will listen to scratching noises during the whole match, and requests to do something to fix the sound will have no effect.

Switch to text chat if you can once you detect this type of toxic player to save your ears and your nerves from the damage.

7 Types of Toxic Players That Can Ruin Your Game

The Feeder

We all know them, and we all hate them. The feeder can be rightfully called one of the oldest Dota 2 players that can be deemed toxic. Ancient legends teach us that they are merciful souls that want to feed those in need, but no one knows the reasons for such behavior. This type of player also includes the annoying “give me the X hero or feed” subtype. Such players have already set their mind on one and only one hero, and if you pick that character, they threaten to ruin the game. Try to remain calm, and report them right away to make the community a better place.

The Invoker

We all have this urge to be like the famous esportsmen and play impossible combos to impress friends and enemies, but there are people out there who want this too much. Despite their irresistible desire to mimic pro players, they do little to try at least to match their skill level. So at least one pub match will be a disaster because your team will get a useless Invoker, unable to apply their abilities correctly.

They will spam Sunstrike regardless of the combat situation, and randomly throw hurricanes to creeps. However, don’t deem this player as toxic immediately – maybe they are good at playing other characters. But if the player insists on picking the Invoker, make sure you won’t end up in the same team again.

How to Deal with Them

Toxic players can make the game stressful and cause you to wonder why are you spending your time on it at all. Don’t let the negativity of these players spoil a fun and challenging game. Oh, and remember to apply the golden rule of how to deal with negative players – ignore, mute, and report.

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