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CS:GO Update: Changes to Nuke and Overpass, Neck Shots

CS:GO Update: Changes to Nuke and Overpass, Neck Shots

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The developers of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have prepared a fresh game update. It introduces adjustments to maps and some changes to the gameplay.

The previous CS:GO update changed the animation of SMGs and improved the ShortNuke map.

Shot in the neck – it may be a headshot

Adding a new neck hitbox type is the most significant change to the CS:GO gameplay.

From now on, if players shoot opponents in necks and the bullet enters the head, this will be considered by the game as a headshot.

A bit of realism to the shooting missions! The developers think this will especially affect attacks from behind.

Also, improvements concern in-game sounds and video. The option of taking a new weapon is fixed – the process will not start if the character can’t pick up a new gun.

CS:GO Update 05/17/2018

Nuke and Overpass

The guys from Valve are working on Nuke quite intensively – they remastered this map in February, and continue improving it.

In this update, we’ve got:

  • Better performance on low settings;
  • No visibility on Bombsite A between silos;
  • Blocked vent to Bombsite B;
  • A wall on the upper side of the crane on Bombsite B;
  • No toxic barrles;
  • Improved animation of characters’ movements.
  • This time, the developers have made a few minor changes to the Overpass map:

  • Players and grenades will collide with the fence cage;
  • No spooky shadow near the main entrance to Bombsite B;
  • Quieter ambient sounds.
  • First, the changes from this update will be implemented for testing on CS:GO Beta. Then we’ll get them on live servers.

    Pro-players definitely should pay attention to all the game updates. Otherwise, they’ll be unable to win such tournaments as Intel Extreme Masters Season XIII.

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