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CS:GO looks differently – new Panorama UI

CS:GO looks differently – new Panorama UI

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Since its release in 2012, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive had the same UI (User Interface). Many changes were implemented to the graphics, maps, weapons, and gameplay, but the game updates never changed the game menu. Never, until now…

Valve released a big CS:GO update with entirely different UI. It is panoramic and animated, according to modern trends in the gaming industry.

The previous Update for CS:GO brought changes to weapons and some maps. This one influences the process of interaction with the game and changes the internal atmosphere. Players spend lots of time with all those menu elements, changing settings, watching scoreboards, and choosing maps for the next matchmaking. So this new UI is quite a significant change for players of any rank.

New Interface CS:GO - Panorama UI

First, Valve released this update for testing and with support of only “Practice with bots”. Then it will appear on the live servers, for all the game features.

“We’re still working on Panorama, but the biggest pieces are ready so it’s time for the CS:GO community to try it out!”, –the official developers’ post says.

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