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Small Update of CS:GO – from 5/22/2018

Small Update of CS:GO – from 5/22/2018

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Developers from Valve continue working on their classic multiplayer shooting game – they released a new update, which turned out to be a rather small one.

Most of the changes are concerned with in-game sounds:

  • decreased volume of ambient sounds in Nuke, helicopters, some effects of Glocks and AK-47s;
  • removed fountain lapping sounds on Overpass;
  • fixed a few sound bugs.
  • Other changes are also about bug fixing. For example, incorrect defuse time and broken materials.

    Most of the adjustments of this CS:GO update have been made thanks to community feedback after the previous attempt by Valve to improve the game.

    “Thanks to /u/slothSquadron and CSGO community for repro movies and feedback”_ __– the _official post** says.**

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