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CS:GO Update: Maps Adjustments

Valve Corporation has presented a new update to their legendary shooting game, CS:GO. The changes concern maps, or rather, map lists.

  • In the Active map pool, pro players have Dust II back. This map replaces Cobblestone.

The revised Active Duty pool will be featured at the FACEIT Major in London later this year, says the official Valve post.

  • In the Wingman map pool, players now have a shortened version of Nuke with a slightly changed bombsite B.
  • In the casual map groups, Cobblestone is in the Delta group now, and Austria with Shipped is in the Sigma group.

CS:GO Update maps

This CS:GO update is the first after the controversial decision about the seven day skins trading ban—we write about it in the post “CS:GO Hot News: March 2018 in Review”.

To see the real power of professional CS:GO competitions, watch all the videos from the recent DreamHack Masters Marseille


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