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CS:GO Update: SMGs for terrorists, ShortNuke

CS:GO Update: SMGs for terrorists, ShortNuke

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On April 30, Valve released an update for their classic shooting game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It includes a few changes to the animations, to the sounds, and to one of the maps.

CS:GO Update: SMGs for terrorists

From now, we will see a different appearance of terrorist characters holding three Submachine Guns: MP7, MP9, and MAC10. If before they held these weapons with one hand while walking, now they do this with both hands.

The developers think this allows to recognize the guns better, at one glance

The ShortNuke map is a version of Nuke for the Wingman mode. It has got a few changes:

  • A kind of wall on the crane’s upper side on Bombsite B (maybe, to prevent jumping that way);
  • More spawn points for both sides;
  • An occlusion bug fixed inside of the vent.
CS:GO Update: ShortNuke

Also, the CS:GO developers have made improvements to the game audio:

  • No need to use audio cache for video streaming. Those who want to reenable this feature can use the command snd_disable_legacy_audio_cache 0;
  • Sounds of reloading weapons now follow moving players;
  • A bug fixed with canceling sounds.

The previous CS:GO update changed the map set for Esports competitions.

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