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AWP | Wildfire image

AWP | Wildfire

Markets Battle-Scarred Well-Worn Field-Tested Minimal Wear Factory New
$ 34.10 $ 60.00 $ 68.67 $ 102.89 $ 160.97
$ 24.62 $ 41.20 $ 50.51 $ 70.72 $ 107.70
$ 22.07 $ 38.83 $ 42.01 $ 65.40 $ 100.07
Markets Battle-Scarred ST Well-Worn ST Field-Tested ST Minimal Wear ST Factory New ST
$ 80.17 $ 103.33 $ 105.00 $ 185.00 $ 339.84
$ 58.17 $ 75.84 $ 70.05 $ 139.73 $ 242.99
$ 61.43 $ 118.57 $ 225.43

AWP | Wildfire Skin CS2

An automatic rifle is a powerful weapon. When you choose it, you will defeat the enemy with just one shot. Calm down, aim, and release a bullet at your opponent to accomplish the task at hand. It’s simple enough, it just takes practice.

If you want to take the game to the next level, then pay attention to the visuals. Do not miss the opportunity to change the design of the rifle using the AWP Wildfire skin. The skin will update the appearance of the weapon and you will be recognized by your opponents. They will lose control over themselves.

To purchase the skin, go to one of the marketplaces. Choose a legal and reputable site and have a great time opening cases or buying/exchanging items.


The skin was created by VLEK ᴬʳᵗꜟˢᵗ. He introduced the item to players on October 18, 2019. It can be found in the CS20 case content. It was released in conjunction with the Cache and Release update.

Allow the flames of AWP Wildfire to heat up the game and wipe out your opponents. The AWP Wildfire price is based on the overall condition of the skin. The Factory New exterior will cost $205.56. If you choose the Battle-Scarred exterior, it will cost $41.73.

Popularity and Rarity

This item is quite popular among users. It is often found in the game, which is explained by its stylish design and reasonable price. The skin is actively used not only by regular gamers but also by professionals. Those who have managed to reach success in the cybersports world also give preference to this colorful item. We are referring to such gamers as:

  • Falla;
  • flusha;
  • TACO. The Wildfire AWP rarity is considered to be Covert. As a result, the probability of getting this hot item is equal to 0.64%. And although the chances are not that great, they are still there.

It is one of about 125 skins for the rifle. Pattern Description

Stylish, bright, attractive—that’s how you can describe the Wildfire CS:GO skin. Black and red gradients are applied to the body bringing maximum pleasure when you see it. The main background features a dragon made of flames. It will show the way to success and help your life spark with new energy.

Some elements of the weapon are painted black to set accents. They are complemented by patterns in a bright red color. Each part of the skin seems to hint that you are discovering a thrilling new world.

Effect of Float

The Float Value varies from 0.01 to 0.70. Such values indicate that the skin is available in any exterior. However, small scuffs can already be seen at the Factory New stage (if you look at the buttstock). The higher the level, the worse the condition of the item. More flaws appear all over the body—for example, significant, visible scuffs.