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AWP | Lightning Strike image

AWP | Lightning Strike

Markets Battle-Scarred Well-Worn Field-Tested Minimal Wear Factory New
$ 870.15 $ 705.91
$ 543.59 $ 482.80
$ 476.45
Markets Battle-Scarred ST Well-Worn ST Field-Tested ST Minimal Wear ST Factory New ST
$ 1192.00
$ 1099.00
$ 769.76

AWP | Lightning Strike Skin CS2

When it comes to CS:GO, the rifle is one of the most popular weapons that enables you to eliminate the enemy from a long distance. Using a firearm, you will accomplish the task and keep yourself from being hit. If you use an AWP on a regular basis, think about changing the design. You can do so with a skin, which will help to diversify the visual component of gameplay.

If you want to buy AWP Lightning Strike, use a specialized platform. However, choose it carefully to avoid falling prey to scammers.


The skin was presented to gamers on August 14, 2013. It became part of the Arms Deal collection that was released simultaneously with the update of the same name. This stylish and modern item can be obtained by opening a CS:GO weapon case.

The cost of AWP Lightning Strike depends directly on its level of wear and tear. For example, users are charged $840.61 for a Factory New exterior and $895.32 for Minimal Wear. You’ll get more price details on the marketplace of your choice. Also, please note that the skin can be obtained through exciting giveaways.

Popularity and Rarity

AWP Lightning Strike is a skin of average popularity. Gamers seldom purchase this skin as many users are not happy with its price. In fact, the skin looks great and attracts a lot of attention. It is interesting for regular players, as well as industry professionals who regularly participate in CS:GO competitions. We are referring to bondik, karrigan, and boltz.

The rarity of the skin is categorized as Covert. The probability of its drop is equal to 0.64%.

Pattern Description

The body of the weapon is primarily painted purple, which is memorable and instantly attracts attention. The body has an image of a lightning bolt, which pierces everything in its path. Its strike can become decisive and take the life of the enemy. The following elements are not colored:

  • barrel;
  • the sight;
  • the back of the stock. They are displayed in dark shades, which creates an excellent contrast with the basic background. The competently selected balance of shades and the high-quality image of lightning create a style that will definitely impress everyone.

Effect of Float

The Float Value of AWP Lightning Strike ranges from 0.00 to 0.08. Thus, the item can be purchased in only two exteriors: Factory New or Minimal Wear. They differ in their design. Everything is excellent in the Factory New exterior and there are no flaws. There are some scuffs on the buttstock when the item is of Minimal Wear.

The advantage is that you can choose the appropriate exterior when buying. If you want perfection, add the Factory New skin to your collection. However, remember that it will gradually deteriorate as you participate in battles. If you are interested in a skin with flaws, which will indicate your experience in battles, then buy a Minimal Wear item.