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AWP | Desert Hydra image

AWP | Desert Hydra

Markets Battle-Scarred Well-Worn Field-Tested Minimal Wear Factory New
$ 1350.00 $ 1388.98 $ 1615.07 $ 1999.90 $ 2471.72
$ 1169.47 $ 1200.00 $ 1442.80 $ 2147.44
Markets Battle-Scarred S Well-Worn S Field-Tested S Minimal Wear S Factory New S
$ 1839.36
$ 1245.49 $ 1410.99 $ 1889.99 $ 3099.99
$ 1085.00 $ 1118.60 $ 1303.60 $ 1799.99 $ 3698.29

AWP | Desert Hydra Skin CS2

AWP Desert Hydra is an original skin that will decorate your weapon and terrify your opponents. It is available to everyone at various prices, which vary depending on the overall condition. After purchasing the skin, you will feel like the ultimate battle hero. The most exciting events will unfold around you.

The skin can be obtained in different ways. The easiest and fastest option is to buy it on specialized sites. You can also participate in item giveaways, or purchase a case — although you won’t know what will drop out when you open it. . Choose the best option for you and get an original item in your collection.


Desert Hydra was introduced to the game back on September 22, 2021. 2Minds Studio worked on its creation, including a piece to be added to the 2021 Mirage collection. The item can be found in the following souvenir packs:

  • Stockholm 2021 Mirage
  • Antwerp 2022 Mirage
  • Rio 2022. The AWP Desert Hydra price depends on the exterior. The approximate cost is $2,131.12 for Battle-Scarred and $4,088.46 for Factory New items. The more expensive the item, the fewer scuffs it has. The Factory New skin has no imperfections at all.

Popularity and Rarity

The Desert Hydra CS:GO skin enjoys rather high popularity—about 95%. However, some gamers can’t afford it because of its high cost. That is why if you buy it, you will become one of those fighters who will be noticed by everyone around you. Do not miss the opportunity to stand out among gamers and show yourself at your best.

As for the rarity of the skin, it is classified as Covert. The chance of its drop at the opening of cases is 0.63%. Accordingly, the item is quite rare. If you manage to get the skin after unpacking a box, consider yourself lucky. Of course, you will have to try hard. It is possible that you will have to spend a lot of money to buy a large number of cases. However, some players are fortunate to get the skin on the first try.

Pattern Description

An image of a multi-headed hydra is depicted on the body of the weapon. The monster looks towards the barrel, helping you to aim accurately at your opponent. The beige hydra’s body does not stand out much against the brown-orange background, which is not the case with the eyes. They are made in a bright turquoise tone, favorably emphasizing the power and agility of the monster.

Complex patterns, and the presence of gradients and transitions have a positive effect on the design. The skin is interesting and unforgettable. It will be your guide to the world of successful battles. White has been added for contrast on the sight, barrel, and rear part of the stock. A pleasant addition is the pattern formed by thin lines of brown.

Effect of Float

The Float Value for CS:GO Desert Hydra ranges from 0.00 to 0.60. If you consider a Minimal Wear exterior, minor scuffs appear on the white elements of the weapon. When the maximum degree of wear is reached, the situation is much worse. The white paint is worn off in almost all places. A patinated layer appears on the main part of the body, which makes the weapon look darker.

Choosing a skin with damage is not only a matter of cost. Worn-out items are definitely cheaper. However, many gamers prefer items with scuffs because they have more charm.