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AK-47 | Slate image

AK-47 | Slate

Markets Battle-Scarred Well-Worn Field-Tested Minimal Wear Factory New
$ 2.44 $ 2.47 $ 2.88 $ 5.01 $ 10.88
$ 1.57 $ 1.67 $ 2.06 $ 3.55 $ 7.50
$ 1.58 $ 1.48 $ 1.73 $ 3.10 $ 7.49
Markets Battle-Scarred ST Well-Worn ST Field-Tested ST Minimal Wear ST Factory New ST
$ 8.90 $ 9.33 $ 10.24 $ 17.85 $ 43.52
$ 5.90 $ 6.13 $ 7.12 $ 11.99 $ 29.12
$ 5.06 $ 5.42 $ 6.45 $ 10.99 $ 26.93

AK-47 | Slate Skin in CS2

This popular assault rifle is considered one of the most powerful rifles in the game. It fires lethal shots in short, accurate bursts. Not all players like bright colorful skins and prefer the AK-47 Slate with its classic design. In some places, the black transforms into a lighter shade emphasizing the details of each element.

The AK-47 Slate skin is part of the Snakebite collection and fully lives up to its name. Unobtrusive, accurate, and fast, it will be the key to successful combat, especially in secluded places and ambushes. The creator of this masterpiece is Redesired. This was his first work, which became an immediate success.

CS2 AK-47 Slate Skins: History

The skin was introduced in May 2021 with the Broken Fang update and included in the Snakebite case. Many players immediately appreciated the simplicity of the design, which, unlike some other AK-47 skins, does not detract from the main task, i.e. fighting on the battlefield.

It is difficult to get the skin as a drop but you can find a lot of offers on the marketplaces. The AK-47 Slate price does not exceed $3–4, so gamers with the most modest budget can buy it. Of course, purchasing it is not as exciting as opening a case. However, it is a more rational decision enabling users to choose from a variety of CS2 AK-47 Slate skins in any exterior.

Popularity and Rarity

This item is of the Restricted category. This means that it can be rarely found in case drops. Nevertheless, it can often be spotted in the game, which indicates the high popularity of the skin in the gamer community.

Versions with a StatTrak™ kill counter are in particular demand. The display shows how many enemies the owner has killed. This is a kind of skill demonstration and moral suppression for the enemy. Therefore, if you want to buy AK-47 Slate skin with this effect, you will have to spend extra.

Pattern Description

Despite the body being covered with a solid black color, the paint has a special effect where all elements of the rifle are clearly visible in high detail. It looks very realistic, as opposed to multicolored patterns.

It should be noted that the factory new AK-47 Slate is lighter in color than the item after long-term use. With this weapon, the fighter becomes less visible on the field, making it easier to sneak up on enemies and organize ambushes.

Examining the skin in detail, several features can be noted:

  • the forend, grip, and magazine are finished with textured fragments;
  • metal inserts are visible on the magazine, arranged at equal distances from each other;
  • the body has a lighter shade than the other parts, resembling dark green.

Such detail is impressive, which is why the skin has been incredibly popular since its first day in the game.

Effect of Float

The skin is available in any exterior, from Factory New to Battle-Scarred. The degree of wear and tear is not as noticeable as on other skins of lighter colors. However, long-term use causes the paint to darken noticeably.

The Float Value ranges from 0.00 to 1.00. The pattern index does not affect the appearance and textures in any way, so the rifle always looks exactly as it was intended by the developer.