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New PUBG Event – War Mode: Desert Knights

PUBG Corp. is providing fresh motivation to dive into the dangerous world of Battle Royale shoot-outs – a brand new in-game event called War Mode: Desert Knights.

It begins almost synchronously with the start of the new PUBG season and transferring changes from Update #12 to the live servers.

The PUBG event War Mode: Desert Knights starts on May 3, 7 PM PST (May 4, 4 AM CEST; May 4, 11 AM KST). It will last for three days.

New PUBG Event – War Mode: Desert Knights

Rules of War Mode: Desert Knights

As with other PUBG events (for example Tequila Sunrise), the upcoming spectacle has special conditions.

The principal conditions of War Mode: Desert Knights are:

  • All matches take place on the desert map Miramar;
  • All the players are divided into five 10-member teams (50 players max in a match);
  • After death, virtual characters return to the plane and then continue battling. The plane flies over the location every 40 seconds;
  • To win, a team should be first to 200 points. Points are given for killing opponents (+3) and knocking them down (+1). Teams lose points for killed-knocked members (-5).
  • Event matches have a time limitation of 15 minutes. If no team gets 200 points, the one with the biggest score is proclaimed the winner.
  • Players spawn with excellent equipment: random weapons (M24, Mk14, M249, AWM, AUG, or Groza), vests and helmets of level three, two grenades.

We have some additional information about this event in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds from an official post by PUBG Corp:

  • The safe zone is visible even while characters are on the plane, immediately after the start;
  • The safe zone doesn’t close and doesn’t change position during the match;
  • It is always sunset time in Miramar during the event;
  • The process of reviving teammates takes only two seconds;
  • The knocked out condition causes bigger damage;
  • No air drops;
  • No red zones;
  • No killer spectating.

Are you ready to demonstrate your skills and try your luck in War Mode: Desert Knights of PUBG? Do this with random people or invite up to five friends to your team!

In June 2018, we’ll have another interesting PUBG event – its first ever official Esports tournament.



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