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Personal trades of PUBG skins suspended

PUBG Corporation has temporarily cancelled Personal Trades between virtual friends. Players will be unable to give their PUBG skins to people with whom they are connected in the game. This step is temporary.

Personal trades of PUBG skins suspended

Before this, we had two options for exchanging skins:  

  • Market Trades – players exchange PUBG items through Steam Market;
  • Personal Trades – direct exchange of items between players, with no money involved.

Considering the real value of virtual PUBG items, Personal Trades became a basis for potential fraud – many greedy people trying to get skins, paying nothing in return.

We’re temporarily turning off personal trades while we search for a better solution, – PUBG Corp. says in its official post

It’s nice to see that the developers understand the importance of skins for the game’s success – gamers get extra motivation to play more, to spend their time and energy in this particular title.

We are glad to assure our users that the Skins.Cash service continues working normally, so you can sell PUBG items here for real money quickly and securely.

It seems like PUBG Corp. is eager to keep its game on top – recently the company released a huge update with many interesting features.



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