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DMarket Spring Cup: Final Results

DMarket Spring Cup: Final Results

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It’s always nice to watch dedicated pro-players showing their skills and trying to win rounds after rounds, matches after matches. Such a gaming spectacle becomes much more powerful if a prestigious title and a considerable prize pool are at stake. That’s why DMarket Spring Cup is such an exciting event! Eight professional CS:GO teams fight enthusiastically to get their piece of the $5,000 prize money and to win the very first Esports Cup organized by the revolutionary trading platform, DMarket.

Let’s have a look at the matches of this CS:GO tournament – results of the finished matches and the schedule of upcoming games which are listed in the post below.

Day 1 – matches of Group A

On the first day of the DMarket Spring Cup online tournament, we witnessed matches featuring the four teams from Group A:

  1. Euronics Gaming
  2. Fnatic Academy
  3. Wind and Rain
  4. Nexus Gaming
  • The first match was Euronics Gaming against Nexus on the map Cobblestone. Euronics played a much better game from the very beginning. Nexus tried to save the match and won a few rounds, but the winner was Euronics. The final score was 16:6.
  • Fnatic Academy played against Wind and Rain in the second match on the Train map. Fnatic were far better, they smashed WaR, so their opponents could win just two rounds (by luck). The final score was 16:2.
  • In the third match, we saw Nexus against Wind and Rain on the Mirage map. At the outset, everyone thought WaR was winning easily, but Nexus found their spirit and won a few matches. Still, the victor was Wind and Rain with the score 16:10.
  • The map Cash was the place for the fourth match. The winners of the first games, Euronics Gaming and Fnatic Academy played on it. What a game it was! First, Euronics controlled the location totally, and it seemed that they would win easily. But then, the Fnatic guys won lots of rounds in a row – it was a real comeback for them. In the end, Euronics took the situation under control, won with the score 16:10, and went into the semifinal.
  • The last game of the day was Fnatic Academy against Wind and Rain. They fought by the Best of Three (Bo3) format, because the result was really meaningful – a ticket to the playoffs. The guys had tense matches and were close to each other on two maps: Mirage and Inferno: Wind and Rain won the first match (16:11), but Fnatic showed their power on the second (16:14). In the third match, we saw Fnatic on top – they won on the map Nuke with the score 16:5. So, this team finished up 2:1 and moved to the playoffs.

## spring cup group A

Day 2 – matches of Group B

The second day of DMarket Spring Cup was filled with matches of these teams:

  1. Good Job
  2. Great Danes
  3. Paris Gaming School
  4. Bpro
  • The Good Job team had quite an advantage over its opponent of the first match – Paris Gaming School. It seems like those Paris guys have lots to learn from this game. Good Job won on the Overpass map with the score 16:5.
  • The second team pair was Bpro and Great Danes. They played on the Inferno map. Great Danes demonstrated an excellent playing style at the beginning and gained a big advantage. This helped them to win, even when Bpro began to take rounds. The final score was 16:8.
  • Bpro and Paris Gaming School still had chances to get a ticket to the finals. They also played on Inferno. Paris Gaming School was able to win just four rounds – Bpro guys turned out to be much stronger, and they won the match with the final score 16:4.
  • This match was for entering the final stage, and winners of the first two games fought on the Overpass map: Good Job and Great Danes. So, who prevailed? This was a tight game, and the Belarusian players from Good Job won deservedly with the final score – 16:11.
  • The last match of this day was played in the format Bo3 – Bpro and Great Danes fought for the last ticket to the playoffs. On the first map, Overpass, Bpro got a nice starting advantage and won even after losing a few rounds in a row with the final score 16:7. The second match on the Train map had the same scenario – Bpro won 16:8, and with final score 2:0 went further in the tournament to meet Euronics Gaming in the semifinal match.

## spring cup group B

The semifinal matches

In the fight for a place in the Grand Final, Fnatic Academy played against Good Job. On the first map, Cache, their victory was easy and obvious – the final score was 16:3. The second map, Cobblestone, became a place of a rather tight shooting. Still, the young Fnatic players won 16:10. That was a Bo3 game, so Fnatic Academy won it with the score 2:0.

Euronics and Bpro played in the second semifinal. What a game it was! Both teams demonstrated fantastic fighting spirit and will to win. The guys played the first match on the Inferno mapBpro won with the score 19:15. The next map was Cache. With powerful moves, Euronics prevailed 16:12. In the third match, the guys from Germany were better on the Overpass map, notwithstanding the starting advantage of the team from Bulgaria, so Euronics won the last match 16:14, and went on to the Grand Final with the score 2:1.

The Grand Final

Fnatic Academy and Euronics played in the deciding game of DMarket Spring Cup. Euronics picked Nuke for the first map, and it was a really nice choice – the guys won with the score 16:10. Even picking the Inferno map for the second match couldn’t save Fnatic ACD, who went down for the second time – 16:9.

Euronics is the winner of DMarket Spring Cup, triumphing in the Bo3 Grand Final 2:0. Congratulations guys!


The prize money of the tournament was divided in this way:

  1. $3,000 for the winner, Euronics Gaming;
  2. $1,000 for the 2nd team, Fnatic Academy;
  3. $500 for the 3rd team, Bpro;
  4. $500 for the 4th team, Good Job.

You can watch all the matches of the tournament on the WeKnowHow Twitch channel.

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