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DMarket Spring Cup: Teams and Matches

DMarket Spring Cup: Teams and Matches

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DMarket Spring Cup is up and running!!! We invite you guys to watch it live on Twitch: WeKnowHow (English), Th3SuspectTV (Russian), t4pochek (Russian, April 15 and 16), and EPW_CSGO (German).

DMarket Spring Cup is an online CS:GO tournament that takes place from the 13th to 16th of April 2018. Skins.Cash is the secondary sponsor of this Esports event – we will conduct regular skins Giveaways for viewers. Take your chance to win CS:GO skins from Skins.Cash!

The prize pool is $5,000, provided by the organizer and the primary sponsor of the event – DMarket, a blockchain-based platform for trading in-game items. The money will be divided in this way:

  1.      $3,000 for the winner
  2.      $1,000 for the second team
  3.      $500 for the 3rd team
  4.      $500 for the 4th team

The tournament consists of groups and the finals stages. The winners of the two groups will face the teams which placed second in the opposite group.

Here is an illustration of the schedule:

groups spring cup

We’ll post updates on the results in this post – visit it again to learn all the news. Also, we invite you to follow our Telegram channel to stay in touch with Skins.Cash!


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