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ESL Pro League Season 7: Finals – results, video

ESL Pro League Season 7: Finals – results, video

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A big CS:GO tournament has finished in Dallas, Texas. Esports fans witnessed adrenaline-filled matches of 16 world famous teams. Now, we can reveal the results of ESL Pro League Season 7 – who was crowned champion, who demonstrated real gaming spirit and the power of perfect skills?

All matches of ESL Pro League Season 7: Finals on video

The Group Stage

The participating teams were divided into:

  • Group A – Natus Vincere took first place and proceeded directly to the Semi Finals. FaZe Clan and mousesports proceeded to the Quarter Finals;
  • Group B – Astralis finished on top and took their ticket to the Semi Finals. Team Liquid and SK Gaming continued to the Quarter Finals.
  • Quarter Finals

    In the first Quarter Final match, Team Liquid played with mousesports.

  • On the map Mirage, mousesports put up quite a fight but lost (22:20);
  • The second map, Dust II, hosted Team Liquid’s triumph (16:4).
  • So, with the final score 2:0, Team Liquid proceeded to the Semi Final.

    In the second Quarter Final, FaZe Clan played with SK Gaming.

  • The first map was Overpass. FaZe won 16:13;
  • On the second map, Mirage, SK Gaming could demonstrate almost nothing and lost 16:5.
  • The final score was 2:0, and FaZe Clan went on to the Semi Final.

    Semi Finals

    Team Liquid and Natus Vincere played the first Semi Final match:

  • On Dust II, Liquid won 16:14.
  • On Inferno, the result was almost the same – 16:10.
  • Team Liquid took victory with the score 2:0.

    The match FaZe ClanAstralis determined who would be the second finalist.

  • The Astralis guys were much more powerful on the first map, Mirage (3:16);
  • And the same team won on the second map, Inferno (6:16).
  • With the score 2:0, Astralis proceeded to the Grand Final.

    Grand Final

    The winner of ESL Pro League Season 7: Finals was determined in the match AstralisTeam Liquid.

  • The first map, Dust II, saw Astralis dominate – 16:1.
  • Team Liquid managed to put up a fight on the Nuke map, but still, Astralis won 16:14.
  • The third map, Mirage, gave hope to Liquid. This trailing team won with the score 14:16.
  • Inferno turned out to be the last map of the tournament. Astralis won here 16:12.
  • With the final score 3:1, Astralis defeated Team Liquid and won the whole ESL Pro League Season 7. Congratulations!

    EPL Season 7 Finals Bracket

    The final results of this CS:GO tournament are:

  • Astralis – winners, $250,000;
  • Team Liquid – 2nd place, $110,000;
  • Natus Vincere and FaZe Clan – 3rd and 4th places, $55,000;
  • mousesports and SK Gaming – 5th and 6th places, $32,000;
  • Heroic and OpTic Gaming – 7th and 8th places, $24,000;
  • Cloud9, NRG Esports, Space Soldiers, and Renegades – 9th-12th places, $22,000;
  • Sharks Esports, MVP PK, Grayhound Gaming, and Ninjas in Pyjamas – 13th-16th places, $20,000.
  • EPL Season 7 Finals Results

    ESL Pro League Season 7: Finals was a much better event for Astralis than Intel Extreme Masters Season XIII, where they lost the final match to FaZe Clan.

    Now, Astralis have quite a strong chance to win $1,000,000 in The Intel Grand Slam – the prize pool will be provided to players who win four premier events of ESL or DreamHack Masters. The team Astralis has two wins so far and seven chances for more victories. Follow Skins.Cash on social networks to learn of future results in this league: FacebookTwitter.