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The Most Popular Skins on Skins.Cash Revealed (2019 Stats)

The Most Popular Skins on Skins.Cash Revealed (2019 Stats)

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Ten years ago, you would have been a laughing stock if you suggested buying cosmetic items for real money that don’t give you any in-game advantage. The most significant part of this figure is still made up by copies of digital games, but more and more gamers are adding pure cosmetics to their collections.

In fact, rare skins for popular online games are already treated like collectibles, being sold for thousands of dollars on online platforms. Data gathered by trading platform proves that the trend is growing.

List of Skins that Generated the Biggest Revenue

Here is a list of the items that generated the biggest revenue based on statistics retrieved from from different games:

most popular csgo skins on

It’s surprising that souvenir MP5-SD | Lab rats take place in our list. It can be caused massive MP5-SD | Lab distribution on Danger Zone update. So many players sell this skin, cause they appreciate MP7 more.

Another famous family of skins is Asiimov, which probably alludes to one of the most popular sci-fi writers of the past century, but we didn’t manage to find any confirmation of this theory. As Liquipedia suggests, the design is sci-fi inspired, which can support our inference that it’s connected to the famous writer.

Also, we have statistics about other games:

most popular dota 2 items on most popular tf2 items on
  • The Handsome Hitman
  • The Patriot Peak
  • Strange Killstreak Holiday Punch
most popular h1z1 items on
  • Mayhem ar-15
  • Painted skull mask
  • Nemesis ARV

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