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When Money Can’t Speak, Skins Can: Earn, Spend, and then Earn More with Skins.Cash

I started CSGO skins trading a few years ago. Back in a day, there were a lot of challenges, frauds, issues, lost money, lost hours and surely tons of effort. Nevertheless, what I’ve gained from that activities costs more than anything… As you may guess, I gained experience, which helps me to avoid many of the past issues with skins trading. Let me share a few insights with you.

Avoid Unacceptably High Commissions

There are trusted websites for skins trading which have an enormous commission for each successful trade. For example, by the end of 2018, CSMoney raised its fee from $5 to $7 USD. It’s up to 50% rise, which is fine since we’ve been living in the capitalist era. However, even if you used some well-known platform for earning your bucks, think about changing it when rates become unacceptable. enables new market of skins trading, providing you with commission-free experience of selling skins. Being a one-pager platform, it’s incredibly comfy, allowing users with “newbie” level to get into the whole process pretty fast.

instant payment

And more important thing. Among Bitskins, CSMoney and other skins trading platforms, can assure an instant payment. So, if you need money urgently, it may be the good option to stick. By the way, offers are 11+ payment methods, from Visa and MasterCard to QIWI and Bitcoin wallet.

Spend Your Skins, Not Your Money also enables several sweet features. If you like watching Twitch gaming streams just as I do — then you can use skins as a payment method on Twitch! Which is pretty amazing, in my humble opinion. Just a quick example:

  1. go to
  2. click Subscribe
  3. proceed to the payment methods and you will see Skins.Cash as one of the options.

twitch subscribe

twitch paid subscribe

twitch subscription payment info

twitch payment methods

choose twitch payment method

No need to pay with real money, when you can easily spend a few unnecessary skins on a monthly subscription.

Also, if you like to make a donation to a friend, streamer, or whoever — you can also do it with your skins, just click here to discover more. Don’t forget to authorize yourself in order to get to the point!

To find out the value of your steam inventory, check our article “Calculating The Steam Inventory Value“.

Earn without Getting Scammed

The first sign of scammers is that their platforms may look weirdly bad, with wrong language, unprofessional design, etc. In this case, you should ask yourself: why did they bother to create a website for skins trading, and how are they trying to make their profit?

The answer may be quite obvious: they are cheating you. For example, you won’t get any money right after the first skin deposit. There are hundreds of stories like this one, where scamming platforms ask users to deposit more and more skins in order to enable promised: “real money withdrawing”.

These sites don’t last long. For example, if you check, you’ll see that it is not working, while the domain is being on sale.

So, beware scammers!

Remember that nothing costs more than something that’s free. If conditions are weirdly sweet, the website looks unprofessionally, there are no reviews from users… Well, probably you gonna be scammed. trustpilot

Yes, as an additional important step to check the platform, you should always get to the user feedback section of the site. If there are many positive reviews from real people, and there is a trusted platform of reviews so you know that people are real — like TrustPilot at — you can trust the platform.

Always check twice, do your research, and when you 100% sure — deposit your beautiful knife, SMG, or AK-47 skins.

Hope. this article helped with its little insights of the virtual item economy world. Stay tuned for more updates in the nearest future! 

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