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CS:GO Update from 6/12/2018. Weapons and Maps changes

The developers of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have made some significant adjustments to the weapon mechanics and many changes to the Mirage and Canals maps.


CS:GO players should pay attention to:

  1. CZ75-Auto – the damage power of this pistol has been reduced from 33 to 31. So, from now on, you can’t kill a helmeted opponent with just one bullet.
  2. M4A1-S – the magazine capacity of this assault rifle has been increased from 40 to 60 bullets. It’s quite a boost for your powerful matches!
  3. MP7 – this SMG costs less, only $1500 (instead of $1700).

Those who want to get high CS:GO ranks or to keep their current in-game status should pay attention to these changes.


With this CS:GO update, gamers have got many improvements to the Mirage location. Here are the most significant:

  • Improved visibility for both teams in the area of Bombsite A;
  • No more skybox limitations;
  • Improved landmark art;
  • Boxes instead of the ladder, lowered skill ceiling at the entrance to the apartment from the spawn position of terrorists;
  • No bullet collisions in the mid, on the fence column.

The Canals map has got fewer changes:

  • Better visibility on Bombsite A against scaffolding;
  • It’s no longer possible to stand on the top of the doorframe on Bombsite B;
  • The Way of terrorists to Bombsite B has been re-designed.

To learn all the details of these map changes, visit the official post of Valve.

Also, the game allows deleting unsealed graffiti items, and the game servers don’t show public IP address after entering the “status” command. (Have a look at our “Advanced list of CS:GO console commands”).

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