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Red CS:GO Skins

Red CS:GO Skins

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Red symbolizes leadership, fury, and self-confidence. It’s used by gamers who want to emphasize their irrepressible energy and great activity. Many fans are collecting entire sets of CS:GO red skins, and this trend is gaining in popularity.

CS:GO red skins can often be seen on a Carry that wants to look aggressive and mentally pressurize the opponent. Valve offers many variations of cosmetics in pure red and with a combination of different shades. If you’re interested in inexpensive items, you can learn more about the best cheap CS:GO skins, in this article reviewing the most popular red skins.

Types of CS:GO Red Inventory

Each skin in the game has its own significance, characteristics, description, and cost. Depending on the level of wear, price tag, and rarity, it can raise the gamer’s status. The cheapest red skins CS:GO have a Battle-Scarred exterior. This means that the item has already been thoroughly worn and looks less attractive.

Looking for the best skins for weapons but have not yet decided on the color? Pay attention to the useful review of blue skins for CS:GO weapons that will help you compare several colors and choose the right one for you.

Red is present in many collections for knives, pistols, submachine guns, rifles, and heavier firearms: Nova, Negev, MAG-7, etc. To avoid confusion among the range, we offer a review of the most popular skins for each type of inventory.

Red CS:GO Knife

Knives in CS:GO have a special meaning. They are a true symbol of the game. Knives can’t be bought or sold; they are always in the third slot of the arsenal. Skins for them are chosen with special care and trepidation because every fan of the shooter is looking for the most unique decorations. 

Let’s look at the most popular red skins for knives, which are always valued:


M9 Bayonet _ Autotronic

Autotronic — this skin for Bowie is considered one of the most expensive. The combination of gray and red makes the item interesting and attractive. The market today is asking over $300 for the Factory New exterior;

Crimson Web

Skeleton Knife _ Crimson Web

Crimson Web is a skin for the Skeleton, Karambit, Nomad, and Stiletto knives. The basic color is complemented by a subtle spiderweb. It looks elegant yet aggressive;


Paracord Knife _ Slaughter

Slaughter has an anodized style. It can feature different patterns but the main color is red. In some cases, it includes silkscreen and stencils. It is available for the Falchion, Classic, Karambit, Huntsman, and other knives. It costs $400 on the market.

The list can be expanded with the introduction of new skins, which will help to personalize your knife and add to your collection.

Red AK Skin CS:GO

AK-47 is a powerful assault rifle available for purchase only to Terrorists. It penetrates armor at 77% and fires at a range of 36 meters (118 ft). 600 rounds per second allow you to effectively destroy enemies and get a good reward in competitive mode. 

The AK-47 skins look attractive and beautiful. Let’s note a few particularly striking instances:

Ak-47 | Bloodsport

AK-47 _ Bloodsport

Bloodsport — you will have to pay $120 for the Factory New exterior. The body features a black-and-white aqua print on a red background. A lot of stickers and logos add to the skin’s expressiveness;

Ak-47 | Red Laminate

AK-47 _ Red Laminate

Red Laminate belongs to the multicolor series and costs around $280. Your AK won’t be all red but combined with a primed gray;

Ak-47 | Orbit Mk01

AK-47 _ Orbit

Orbit Mk01 — its red and black pattern is hand-applied, making it even more valuable. 

The cost of each skin can vary greatly depending on the wear and tear.

Skins in Red Shades for Semi-Automatic Guns

There are seven weapons in this category with their own original skins. The most famous ones include:

MAC-10 | Red Filigree

MAK-10 _ Red Filigree

Red Filigree — for the MAC-10, the pattern is applied with red paint on a black background. The rounded ornate patterns add sophistication and elegance to the weapon;

MP-9 | Hot Rod

MP9 _ Hot Rod

Hot Rod — looks great on the MP9. Dark red stripes on a lighter shade add dimension, and the chrome primer paint finish is complemented by clear anodized paint;

P90 | Cold Blooded

P90 _ Cold Blooded

Cold Blooded — the paint-coated P90 barrel is marked with a laser image of a writhing snake, which emphasizes the name of the skin released in 2013.

It is also recommended to pay attention to the Momentum skin.

Red Skins for Rifles

Rifles are classified into assault and sniper rifles. With the former, it is easy to move around the locations and at the same time cause significant damage to the enemy. Snipers are designed for long-range combat with accurate target acquisition. Among them, there are automatic models and versions with a bolt mechanism. Skins that are in demand bring their own special charm to the battle process:

FAMAS | Roll Cage

FAMAS _ Roll Cage

Roll Cage looks as if it was splattered with white, black, and red paint. The skin was introduced in August 2016. A lot of stickers emphasize the individual style of the character;

FAMAS | Styx

FAMAS _ Styx

Styx is designed in the style of nuclear bones and skulls, which are applied to the body and bolt. This is an inexpensive, yet very effective skin;

M4A4 | Evil Daimyo

M4A4 _ Evil Daimyo

Evil Daimyo — the black and red combination is diluted with small emblems, texture work, and darkening. Such a contrast always looks impressive.

Skins including AWP | Redline, Cyrex, and Bullet Rain are also interesting.

Guns in Red Skins

The cost of a gun depends on its kill rate. The most expensive ones inflict irreparable damage, and the cheapest models are good only as backups. There are 10 types of these weapons in the game — some of them are common, the others are available only for attack or defense. Equally interesting are the red-colored handgun skins:

USP-S | The Traitor

USP-S _ The Traitor

The Traitor is a unique skin with stunning patterns and transitions. The darkened, almost black, muffler features a seamless transition to the gold color. The drawing on the body is amazingly detailed, which is unusual for such a cheap skin;

P2000 | Imperial

P2000 _ Imperial

Imperial is a combination of gold on red created in a retro style. It is a delight. Elegant lines complement the overall ensemble. It costs just $0.22;

Desert Eagle | Code Red

Desert Eagle _ Code Red

Code Red, with its clear straight lines in white and black, looks futuristic. The gun appears simple, and very unusual at the same time.

You may also like the spotty Check Engine, the contrasting Obsidian, or the mesmerizing Muertos.

A CS:GO red loadout is the choice of those who know their worth, strive for leadership, and show courage. It is possible to get red skins not only in battle but also by opening CS:GO cases with unique items.