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The Best MP5 Skins in 2024

The Best MP5 Skins in 2024

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In the legendary computer game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, users are offered more than 30 types of weapons. Some come by default, while others need to be selected in the settings. One of the available guns is the MP5. Many people remember this weapon from version 1.6, where it was considered one of the most effective because for $1,500 it had significant killing power.

Unfortunately, after the release of CS2, demand dropped for assault rifles. In ranked games and professional team matches the gun is extremely rare. According to the statistics it is purchased by no more than 3% of players. Despite this, MP5 skins are developed regularly, and some of them look high quality. They can fall out to players after moving to a new level. In this case, the system randomly gives players a skin, case, stickers, or other in-game item. More popular is buying and selling Counter-Strike 2 skins. In the main, players choose the Steam marketplace or third-party sites. The latter are advantageous because the profit will be transferred to a bank card, e-wallet, or cryptocurrency. In Steam, you can only use the proceeds to buy new items, including CS2 MP5-SD skins. The advantage of skins for these submachine guns is their usually low cost.

Which MP5 Skins are the Best for Gamers to Buy?

Of course, this weapon is not as popular as the M4A1, AWP, or Desert Eagle. Accordingly, the choice of suitable options is not big. But even here you will have no problem finding an interesting skin. Among the best MP5 skins CS2 we should note:

MP5 | Autumn Twilly

MP5-SD Autumn Twilly Skin
It is interesting that at different times in the shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you can notice more than one reference to ancient civilizations. These are in locations, like the Aztec, as well as weapon skins. Autumn Twilly is one of these references. On the surface of the machine, you can see a lot of strange patterns of red, yellow, and orange. The price for MP5 Autumn Twilly is not high: $2.34.

MP5 | Phosphor

MP5-SD Phosphor Skin
The MP5 Phosphor skin is a sight to behold. The vibrant, neon-like patterns and striking colors, reminiscent of phosphorescent lights, give this weapon a futuristic and energetic appeal. The amalgamation of blues, greens, and blacks lends a cybernetic, technologically advanced feel to the skin. The MP5 Phosphor was released in 2018 and was priced at $3.04. A great solution, beneficial for both beginners and professional gamers.

MP5 | Acid Wash

MP5-SD Acid Wash Skin
Among the best skins MP5 SD CS2 it is very rare to see minimalistic options. This skin is an exception to the rule. The gun here is almost entirely painted in black, not counting the central part. There is already a noticeable gradient of blue with a smooth transition to black. Visually, this variant would be good for playing the Nuke card. MP5 Acid Wash price is $0.69.

MP5 | Condition Zero

MP5-SD Condition Zero Skin
The name of this design is a reference to a version of Counter-Strike. Its peculiarity is the “zebra” pattern, located on the gun’s silencer. In addition, the colors used here are yellow and blue. The price of MP5 Condition Zero skin is $0.69, but if you want to get a brighter version, you will have to spend a little more. It is a unique design among the best Desert Eagle Skins too.

MP5 | Lab Rats

MP5-SD Lab Rats Skin
If you read the name of the skin, you might think that it will have an image of rats. However, the essence of design is different. The creator tried to convey the atmosphere of underground water and sewage. The trash-colored shades suggest that behind every corner there might be a huge rat, against which even AWP | Dragon Lore will be ineffective. The price of MP5 Lab Rats skin is $0.12.

MP5 | Co-Processor

MP5-SD Co-Processor Skin
The MP5 Co-Processor skin is a fusion of modern technology and cybernetic aesthetics. The intricate circuitry patterns across the weapon’s body create the illusion of a digital co-processor integrated into the gun. This affordable yet stylish skin is perfect for those seeking value for money. The price of MP5 Co-Processor is $1.50.

MP5 | Desert Strike

MP5-SD Desert Strike Skin
The successful combination of black and sand tones immediately indicate that we are talking about fighting in desert terrain. Accordingly, if you buy this skin, it is better to use it on Dust2, Mirage, and Anubis. This skin is the most authentic among the cheapest MP5 SD skins CS2, and MP5 Desert Strike costs only $0.28.

MP5 | Gauss

MP5-SD Gauss Skin The MP5 Gauss showcases a captivating design incorporating textured stamped metal plates covering the submachine gun’s body, complemented by strategic perforations. The color scheme predominantly consists of various shades of gray, giving it a sleek and industrial aesthetic. The price on MP5 Gauss starts at $0.27.

MP5 | Oxide Oasis

MP5-SD Oxide Oasis Skin
Even for such an unpopular gun, there will always be expensive Counter Strike MP5 skins. To get MP5 Oxide Oasis skin in your inventory you’ll need to spend at least $400. Of course, the design is quite nice — it’s a cool mix of different acidic colors and shades. You can see a lot of elements on the surface of the weapon, but there are no specific patterns or pictures.

MP5 | Agent

MP5-SD Agent Skin
MP5 Agent should be noted that this weapon was originally available only for Counter-Terrorists. Accordingly, it has the inscription of the FBI. Visually, it looks like the uniform of a special service representative. In general, it’s a cool option that will immediately distinguish you from others in gameplay. Another advantage is the low price: $1.

MP5 | Liquidation

The MP5-SD Liquidation skin showcases an intriguing design, akin to a vibrant canvas. The weapon’s body is primarily adorned in a deep, captivating shade of purple, creating a strong visual impact. Complementing this base color, intricate blue and red lines highlight the edges of the individual parts, adding a dynamic contrast.

MP5 | Necro Jr

The MP5-SD Necro Jr skin flaunts a playful and cartoonish design. The body of the submachine gun is coated in a rich dark brown hue, serving as the canvas for a delightful array of whimsical and multicolored creatures. The barrel showcases a comical chicken head with an exaggeratedly long neck, a gaping beak, and comically bulging eyes, adding to the playful theme.


Selecting the perfect skin for your MP5-SD in CS2 is a mix of personal preference, budget considerations, and aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re seeking affordability or aiming for the best in terms of design, there are a variety of options available.

The best MP5 skins in CS2 are not just about appearance but also about finding that perfect balance that resonates with your gaming style and taste. So, choose wisely and game on!


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