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Heroes in Dota 2

Heroes in Dota 2

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Today Dota 2 is the most popular MOBA played by millions of gamers around the world. Valve Corporation announced its release in 2010 and the Windows version was released in 2013.

The game involves 10 characters that are divided into two teams: the forces of Light and Darkness. The main task of each group is the defense of the Ancient One and the destruction of enemy towers. For this purpose, a competent strategy and teamwork of all players are important.

The first thing to do is to choose your character. In this sense, the game is unique — there is a huge number of characters in Dota 2, each with their own properties and skills, which makes it possible to choose the best option for yourself and the common cause.

Updates and Dota 2 Characters

Valve releases updates and patches from time to time to retain and fuel interest in the game. They vary in scale — both of a global nature and minor changes.

As for characters, some of them were transferred from the first part, and the rest have been added gradually. Previously, it was one per year, but currently, it’s twice during the same period.

Update 7.33

The latest update titled The New Frontiers was released very recently, on the night of 20 April 2023. Surprisingly to many users, the global changes were implemented shortly before the Berlin Major 2023, rather than after the tournament. At the same time, the administration sent letters to all Dota 2 champions and other participants with a warning about the update.

The New Frontiers is the biggest update in recent years. It has affected almost all aspects of the game:

  • Maps are now 40% larger and have new routes and objects. Eight Caretakers have been added enabling users to increase their viewing radius by seven minutes.
  • Runes — there are several different options with special improvements. For example, the rune of Wisdom gives 280 points of experience. You can find it in different parts of the map, where they appear every seven minutes.
  • New ranking system — the Dota 2 new MMR ranking is awarded differently. It uses the Glicko algorithm. Instead of skill level and confidence, now you need to reach a clearly defined value of rank confidence. For this, you need to participate in ranked matches. If you do not, the indicator goes down.
  • New bosses — Tormentors, the mini-bosses, appear in the 20th minute. These do not attack characters but they distribute the received damage among the participants within a radius of 1,200 units. Aghanim’s Shard is awarded for killing it.

It is the characters that have been changed on a large scale:

  • Previously there were three character categories: Strength, Agility, and Intelligence;
  • Strength is for tank characters who have a large health reserve;
  • Agility is for fast characters who cause maximum damage;
  • Intelligence is for spellcaster heroes who heal, make elixirs, and have a lot of mana for that.

Each category had its own Dota 2 heroes number. The numbers varied, which caused certain disbalance. After the April update, everything changed dramatically — now another class has been added to Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. The new Universal category includes Dota heroes who didn’t fit into any of the previous categories.

In addition, each group now has an equal number of characters: 31, making a total of 124 individuals.

Strength Heroes

Characters such as Axe and Centaur Warrunner are the main attacking force of the team. They have high health indicators and can disable their opponents. Their skills allow them to stun opponents and unbalance the enemy team.

Agility Heroes

Agility Heroes Dota 2
Most of the characters in this group are DDs with a high level of damage. They attack quickly, giving the enemy no chance to react. The Agility hero needs to farm items to get stronger. The most popular heroes among gamers are Faceless Void and Phantom Assassin.

Intelligence Heroes

Intelligence Heroes Dota 2
Spellcasters act as assistants to the team, as their skills are sufficient without gold or other resources. They act on the central lane providing combat power through spells. Some Intellectuals can restore HP to other members. Crystal Maiden and Lina are prime examples of this category.

Universal Heroes

Universal Heroes Dota 2
This is a new category, which includes characters from the previous three groups. Their peculiarity is that they didn’t quite fit into the existing sections, as they have different skills. They include both tanks and spellcasters, for example, Void Spirit and Nix.

Dota 2 New Characters

The appearance of new heroes is a true event in the gaming world. For example, Dawnbreaker appeared in 2021 and was enthusiastically received by the gaming audience. His Celestial Hammer’s skill — to throw a hammer and then get it back with a slowing fire trail — is impressively destructive. Dawnbreaker Hero
In February 2022 the developers added Primal Beast, which was originally a boss in Aghanim’s Labyrinth: The Continuum Conundrum event. He later became a powerful character in close-quarters combat.

In March 2023, the most recent addition brought an interesting character, Muerta, into the game. It’s a ranged combat carry with fast damage. It is capable of ricocheting and slowing down bullets, as well as summoning ghosts, which make enemies move and attack more slowly within their range.

Muerta Hero
In addition, Muerta has a cool ultimacy — it can become ethereal and pass through enemies while delivering physical blows.

Players are waiting for new characters and wondering what they might be. Some say that the next one will be Fymryn, a warrior elf from Dota: Dragon’s Blood, with a good heart and interesting abilities.


Dota 2 has already become a legendary game with a multi-million fan base and its own economy. Players are passionate not only about fighting, but also collecting Dota 2 arcanas, skins, and other rare items. There is both an official store and third-party resources where you can sell Dota 2 items for money or exchange them for other skins.

The recent update served as a new era in the game. Gamers rushed to master new locations, bosses, and runes, and get used to the new order of MMR ranking. Many are looking forward to the new powerful characters, and who the heroes are in Dota 2.


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