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How to Aim in CS:GO

How to Aim in CS:GO

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a legendary game that celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2022. It is regularly played by more than 10 million users worldwide. This fact directly indicates that this franchise is rightly considered the most popular in the Esports industry. Its essence lies in the game format 5 * 5. One of the teams plays for the defense, while the other chooses the attacking side. For gamers, a large selection of weapons is offered, ranging from pistols to shotguns and machine guns.

To achieve real success in the game, the user needs to learn more about Counter-Strike aiming. In fact, this is the quality of shooting. The higher it is, the more likely it is that the player will kill his opponent, thereby gaining an additional advantage for his team. Naturally, aim will not come to the gamer immediately. For example, the mechanics of playing CS:GO is significantly different from version 1.6, which was very popular earlier. Therefore, you need to be prepared that high-quality shooting will come to the player over time. To do this, you need to learn every technique that can affect a person’s personal statistics.

The more a player trains, the higher his chance of real success. You need to understand that the gameplay in Global Offensive only seems easy at first, because in fact the essence of the project is the regular launch of matchmaking. However, if the user starts a new ranked game unprepared, then the chance to raise his level higher than the silver will be relatively small.

skins affect the quality of shooting csgo

Can Skins Affect the Quality of Shooting in Counter-Strike?

Today, a lot of attention in this game is paid to skins. In fact, these are in-game items that can visually decorate weapons. At the same time, they do not affect the quality of the user’s aim in any way. You need to understand that a beautiful and expensive skin can motivate the user to show a higher level of play. If the received weapon does not bring a user joy, then he can sell CSGO skins. To do this, you can use the Steam marketplace, or register on special sites dedicated to trading.

Some gamers are sure that CSGO skin floats improve aim in a certain way. If the weapon has this indicator equal to zero, then this means that it is absolutely new. In practice, float value does not affect the quality of shooting in any way. If a player does not have this skill perfected, then he will not shoot well even from the AWP Dragon Lore.

skins affect the quality of shooting CSGO

The Best Cards to Improve Aim

Aim will not appear to the user just like that. Also, it is quite difficult to improve it by regularly playing matchmaking, or by launching a new map on FaceIt. Many experienced gamers, answering the question of how to get better aim in CSGO, will say that you need to consider each map that was created specifically for such training. You can find a huge number of such maps in the Steam Workshop. If we talk about the best maps, then the list must necessarily consist of:

  • Training: Bot Aim V4C;
  • Fast Aim/Reflex Training Map;
  • Training Center 1.5c;
  • Aim Botz;
  • training_aim_csgo2.

Shooting should be practiced at least 30 minutes a day to. Help you feel more confident at a distance. At the same time, users must understand that a high-quality CSGO aim will not appear after a few days of training — preparation may take some time.

Does crosshair affect gameplay

Crosshair plays the most important role in this game. By default, it is quite inconvenient, and therefore it is important for a beginner to change it. You can use console commands for this. There is a lot of information on the global network about the most convenient sights, as well as the settings that are used by professional e-sportsmen. If the user correctly approaches the issue of setting the sight, then at a distance he will be able to kill more enemies and feel more confident on the map.

The “cl_crosshairstyle 0” command allows you to create a visual view of the player’s crosshair. Also, with “cl_crosshaircolor” the player changes the color, “cl_crosshairdot” removes the dot from the crosshair, and “cl_crosshairsize” allows you to change its size. It is advisable to study all existing commands to feel more confident.

Hand Placement and Warm-up Effects

Even in the older version of Counter-Strike, the choice of the weapon-using hand played an important role for the user. Therefore, after the release of the new version, the players had a fair question, how to switch hands CSGO?! To solve this problem, the player needs to use the “cl_righthand” command. If the value of this command is “1” , then the weapon will be in the right hand, while the value “0” will transfer the weapon to the left hand.

Many users ignore the warm-up before starting matchmaking. This decision is rather dubious, because the level of CSGO aiming depends on many factors, including the warm-up. For those few minutes that the user is on the server, he can feel the weapon, as well as analyze the strength of the enemy. You can also consider the situation when the user is a server administrator. After the start of a new map, all players have a certain warm-up time (the default is five minutes). If such a long time is not needed, then you can use command to end warmup CSGO. To do this, you need to specify two commands:

  • “sv_cheats 1” – will allow the input of all further commands;
  • “mp_warmup_end” – ends warmup.

Already during the preparation for the official start of the game, you can understand the mood of the user. If he buys his favorite weapon and tries to shoot exclusively at the head of his enemy, then he is ready to show a high level during the meeting.

aim in CS2

Questions to ask yourself before an aim workout

Many users, before downloading the legendary shooter, have a desire to become a professional esportsman. Such players are sure that it is quite easy to achieve real success, the main thing is to train regularly. However, in practice, reality is more cruel towards ambitious gamers. Counter-Strike GO aim is a combination of a huge number of factors. The quality of a player’s aiming and shooting can be affected by their reaction speed, understanding of mechanics, etc.

As a result, before launching a training map, or launching a search for a game for matchmaking, the user must ask himself what goals he sets. If anyone is sure that after a few weeks of training he will be able to shoot as well as s1mple, then he is deeply mistaken. The Ukrainian player has a huge talent, which only a few have.

Therefore, players, when answering the question of how to aim in CSGO, it is better to set more adequate goals. For example, raise level 10 on the FaceIt platform. Not every user is able to achieve such results.

Do not forget about the settings of the devices that are used for the game. First of all, we are talking about the sensitivity of the mouse. If some people feel comfortable when a light touch of the mouse causes the player model to rotate 180 degrees, then others need more moderate movements. After the gamer finds the optimal value, it is important not to change it. After all, only training under identical conditions can allow the user to feel confident.

Also, in the context of the question of CS:GO how to improve aim, people think about how important it is to have an expensive personal computer. Of course, the presence of expensive devices allows the player to perform various actions as quickly as possible, including aiming and shooting at opponents. However, as the practice and stories of professional cybersportsmen show, many started their journey in Counter-Strike : Global Offensive with modest gaming characteristics. For example, B1t from the Ukrainian organization Na`Vi got to the tenth level of the FECEIT at a modest 30 FPS.

How Much Time Should be Spent on Aim Training

Of course, the question of the training process is purely individual for each user. If one player needs to spend 20–30 minutes to improve his skills, then the other takes much longer to perform the same actions. For most experienced gamers, warm-up takes up about 50% of the total playing time. Almost every CSGO aiming guide contains similar recommendations.

What should you pay attention to first of all? At a minimum, it is worth understanding that each weapon has its own characteristics. Therefore, it is important to study the features of the spray with different types of pistols, rifles, machine guns, etc. This knowledge will later allow the player to be more mobile. For example, if a team holds an eco round, then such a user will be able to play with any type of weapon.

Speaking of training, don’t focus solely on aim maps. Also, a person can gain practical skills by playing against bots, or by running non-rated games. Such an experience cannot be compared with official matches, the statistics of which affect the final level of the user. Despite this, it is in such fights that you can check the level of Counter-Strike Global Offensive aiming. Instantly searching for a ranked game after the launch of CS:GO can lead to failure.

The Benefits of Aim Training

Unfortunately, many novice gamers ignore training. They are sure that without such practice they will be able to achieve real success in the most popular game in the world. Most often, such users do not raise their level above silver. What are the advantages of training before the start of official games? It is worth focusing on the following points:

  • The ability to learn about different types of weapons without harm to your level of play. Not every user has the opportunity to regularly fire shotguns or machine guns. Training is the best place to gain such knowledge.
  • This is a chance to be more prepared for matches that directly affect the level of the gamer. By shooting bots for 20–30 minutes, or by training their skills in another way, the user feels better about himself and his character model on the map.
  • Regular training increases the percentage of hits in the head. For some users, this figure is more than 60%. Also, this practice has an impact on the quality of the spray.
  • Additional training can calm the player down after bad maps in matchmaking. Interacting with different types of weapons, the player feels more confident afterwards.

Ignoring the warm-up process does not make any sense. It gives the user the opportunity to take a different look at the CS:GO game world.

aim in counter strike 2

Is it Possible to Improve Aim in Ranked Games

Often players ask the how to aim in CSGO. It is logical that if a gamer does not have a general understanding of aim in Counter-Strike, then it is better for him not to go into rating games at first. Many professional players argue that ranked games do not allow a person to significantly improve their shooting skills. Indeed, in the classic 5 * 5 game, a general understanding of the processes that take place on the map comes to the fore. This is not a place where the player has time to shoot with different weapons.

On the other hand, you need to understand that this is real practice of playing with real people, not bots. Therefore, following the actions of your teammates and opponents, you can get a lot of additional information that will be useful to the user.

As a result, it is desirable for users to pay attention to both training and rating games. By successfully combining these two game options, you can achieve better results.