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How Quality and Float can Affect the Cost of an Item in CS:GO

How Quality and Float can Affect the Cost of an Item in CS:GO

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One of the most popular multiplayer games of our time has a very interesting system of dropping skins and weapons at the end of matches. You can get your reward at any moment, but selling it at the optimal price is not always easy. On our service, you can conveniently sell CSGO skins at a bargain price, but to determine it, you need to consider the quality.

The standard quality is written right on the weapon’s page in your inventory and can be viewed through your Steam profile at any time. Float, on the other hand, is quite difficult to determine. This indicator significantly affects how much money each item can be valued at. In this article we’ll tell you what CS:GO skins float is and show you the methods of defining it.

What is the CS:GO Float Range and How to Determine it?

You can find out CS:GO skin floats through several third-party servers or on special maps in the game itself, where users have set the correct settings. In this case, you need to understand what the CSGO float affects and how it works. First of all, it’s worth saying that skins on weapons can get random wear and tear right after they fall out to the player. It happens at the end of the matches, after the winner is determined, and during the opening of special cases.

Float value on CSGO can be of several ranks:

  • Factory New. These are the best items with excellent rendering quality and maximum color detail. In CS:GO the item float such weapons have a quality from 0.00 to 0.07, which is considered high and can make the price several times higher. It all depends on the specific item and its appearance;
  • Minimal Wear. A field-tested float range showing this result indicates a quality of 0.07 to 0.15, which is also a good value. The weapon looks cool, but the skin is slightly scuffed which changes the appearance ;
  • Field-Tested. A simple field-tested float of such a weapon shows values between 0.15 and 0.37, which is solid middle ground. In this case, the scuffs are strongly visible, there are dark fragments, and secret drawings show up if there any on the skin;
  • Well-Worn. Most often a budget option, allowing you to buy a gun even with minimal capital. Such skins are rarely considered valuable, so they can be found everywhere. It’s between 0.37– 0.44% shabby.
  • Battle-Scarred. This is a minimal wear float value, which in itself already indicates the low quality of the skin on the weapon. Scuffs and dark fragments are all over the paintwork, so they are easy to spot. Values between 0.44 and 1.0 may not change the base weapon’s appearance at all, under certain circumstances.
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To know what a good float is, you need to understand that it all depends on the specific item. Certain skins even have secret messages or drawings that only show up on bad colorings with a high percentage of shabbiness. It is worth taking this into account and evaluating each new item individually, which is what our fair value algorithm does successfully.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internal Float Value System in CSGO?

The main advantage of CSGO skin float values is that players can get different-looking weapons. Procedural generation creates scuffs in each case randomly, so there are thousands of unique variations of the same weapon. At the same time, new cases can be released less frequently, because old guns will fall out with the original float for a long time.

Among the main disadvantages, we can say that the original CSGO float skin is often cheaper and players may be unhappy with the dropped weapons. Severe scuffs interfere with the visual appearance of the skin, which spoils the whole picture. In addition, collecting different items is more difficult, because you have to understand the rarity of different variations of scuffs for each item. Falling out of a cool weapon with a good scuff percentage becomes a more expensive operation.

Other Elements That Can Affect a CS:GO Item’s Value

The additional value is called StarTrak and this type of weapon modification is highly valued among all multiplayer game users. A good-quality CSGO skin float along with weapon kill counts allows you to make the item several times more expensive and get rich from a single lucky deal. Such guns fall out most often from crates in the game, so it is impossible to knock them out after the end of the round.

The modifier is considered to be completely random and can fall out to users regardless of the number of open cases or other characteristics. Modifiers allow counting kills made by a particular user with a given weapon and are primarily a appreciated by collectors who know exactly what CS:GO Float is.

Can Items Wear Out Over Time?

No, even minimal wear and tear float cannot get worse over time from your productive play. It’s an old myth that’s been maintained in the community for a while. All randomly acquired weapon characteristics remain the same even after a few years of play, so there is no way you can affect the performance of your skins.

What’s the Chance of Getting an Item of Arcane Level and Above With Factory New Float

The probability is quite low, but not impossible. Because of this, videos with the opening of a large number of cases at once are popular on various social media platforms. Thanks to this, players have a chance to get the highest CSGO float value. To get such a coloring you can open cases that are randomly dropped after the rounds in the game.

chance of getting an arcane items There is also a second way to get weapons in this way, thanks to which you can easily knock out the CSGO wear value you need. It’s necessary to fill up your account and buy skins on the Steam trading platform. There you can also buy cases, keys to them, and everything you need to commit. Cost can bite, but fallen-out weapons recoup your entire budget a few times.

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