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How do I change the location of my CS GO weapon? Which hand should I choose?

A huge number of users do not know that in the popular multiplayer game you can change the hand position of the weapon. This is a significant bonus that, in some cases, even helps you kill opponents better and pump up your skills. This is because the location of the weapon on the screen affects what you see. It may also be convenient for you to enter the CSGO left hand command into the console if you use the left hand more than you do in life.

It seems in reality that the grip method has almost no effect on your gaming activity. But research and even games by professional eSports players have proven that even the smallest details have an impact. It allows you to adjust the interface to be more comfortable and feel the weapon better in your hands. That’s why we tell you in detail about all the features of the left hand command CSGO.

change the location of my CS GO weapon

What parameter affects how CSGO hands

Especially for this was invented a special command from the developers of the game interface multiplayer. You can control the location of the weapon with just one command, which sounds like cl_righthand. This is where you need to enter the correct value so that the skin goes from one hand to the other. It is important not to mix up 1 with 0 and true with false, because otherwise, you will get an unexpected result.

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How To Switch Hands CSGO

Left hand CSGO command: what to enter in the console

This is a special hand position, in which the weapon will be lit on the left side. For many people, this feature will be unexpected, but for the left-handed player, the function can greatly facilitate the whole gameplay. You should simply follow the instructions:

  1. The first thing to do is to start the console. To do this, activate this feature in the settings and assign a suitable key. Most often choose the squiggle as such.
  2. Then go to the console on the specified key and enter the command cl_righthand 0, which will change the hand with the weapon.
  3. Then press Enter and get the result you want in the game.

As a bonus, we tell you how you can bind to a specific key to quickly change the weapon’s hand location. To do this, you have to type “bind * cl_righthand 0”. Instead of the asterisk, you can put any key you want to quickly use the CS GO left hand command. This is a cool method to instantly change the location of the skin and play in your comfort mode.

How do I switch shoulders in CSGO quickly and without a console?

Similarly, with the above commands, you can use additional features of the popular game. In the console, you should write “bind * toggle cl_righthand 0 1”. Instead of * substitute the key that suits you. Thanks to this command you will constantly change the location of the weapon with each press. First, it will go left and then it will go right. This is a great way to use the command for left-hand CSGO and still be able to undo it if necessary.

A big advantage for those who like using the left hand command bind in CSGO is the ability to bind several different actions on one button. If you manually enter a key into settings, old bindings will be deleted, so be careful with changing parameters in your game settings.

You can also use a special command that will change weapons depending on where you move. This is a special option that will not suit everyone but will allow you to always have an up-to-date and great view of the area in front of you. To do this, follow a simple instruction:

  1. Go into the game console.
  2. Add the command “+moveleft ; cl_righthand 1 “;bind d “+moveright ; cl_righthand 0”.
  3. After that, when you move in a certain direction, you will turn on the weapon in the opposite hand.

Some experts say that in CS GO left-handed command is a very useful feature that helps them win with enviable regularity. You can try it now in the official game client. Also, note the opportunity to sell your skins on our official website Skins.Cash for a bargain price and with the transfer directly to your card!



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