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High Quality 105 CS:GO Wallpapers

Playing CS:GO is an adrenaline adventure, full of joy and excitement. It captures gamers immensely, it becomes a part of their lifestyle. To feel the unique spirit of this game and its Esports competitions even outside of the virtual maps, decorate your computer with CS:GO wallpapers.

We’ve collected the best images for you, including best Steam backgrounds. Each Counter Strike Global Offensive Wallpaper here has sufficient resolution even for big monitors.

What are such wallpapers for?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a vast universe, incomprehensible from outside, many-layered and highly attractive from inside. Of course, it is not a game for each and every one (as no such games exist), but those who like the shooting genre only have to try it to risk becoming totally absorbed – becoming a dedicated fan for life.

It doesn’t really matter which CS:GO rank you have – “Silver” and “Global Elite” guys may live and breathe by the game’s vibrations. They can:

  • play a lot in various modes to develop their skills, to gain crucial experience, just to enjoy the process;
  • watch streams of professional CS:GO tournaments and cheer on their favorite teams;
  • are involved in the skins industry: make their own amazing collections, trade skins for real money;
  • surround themselves with game attributes, real and virtual. They communicate with other players in social networks, they put posters in their rooms, they set a CSGO Background on their desktop screens.

Of course, playing a lot is the main item on this list. Still, all the others support the general gaming atmosphere, help to maintain high motivation and to enjoy the CS:GO universe to the max.

How to set CS GO wallpaper on your computer?

The game is available for different systems, and its version influences the process of setting a CSGO Wallpaper, even from nukemap classic.


  • Download any image from this page. Save it to any folder, convenient for you.
  • Right-click your desktop screen, choose “Personalization.”
  • Select “Picture” in the “Background” drop-down menu. Press the “Browse” button in the section “Choose your picture.” Find the downloaded CS GO Background, indicate it and press the “Choose picture” button.
  • Check additional settings, such as fill or fit the screen.

Another way of doing this may be simpler:

  • Right-click the downloaded picture and choose “Set as desktop background.”

How to set up CS GO wallpapers as background images (Windows)


  • Download CS GO wallpapers.
  • Click the Apple sign in the upper menu, choose the icon “Desktop & Screen Saver.”
  • Choose the folder with the image in the left menu. If you don’t see the needed folder, add it by pressing the “+” button.
  • Click the chosen CSGO background in the right menu.

Also, here is a somewhat simpler method:

  • Control-click (or right-click) the image in the Photos app or in the Finder window. Choose “Share->Set Desktop Picture.”

How to set up CS GO wallpapers as background images (Mac)

All of the images on this post are suitable for monitors with high resolution. Any CS GO Wallpaper 1920×1080 will look decent on small monitors too.

The collection of amazing CSGO backgrounds images

Choose some of these CSGO pictures or get all of them – to have something for a change, to support a fresh gaming atmosphere on your computer.

Right-click any image below (Command-click for Mac) and press “Save Image as.” Choose a folder and press “OK.”


What about delving into the game even deeper and learning how to use CS:GO Launch Options? Our guide is a perfect source of information!

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