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CS:GO: Tips and Tricks For Beginners in 2023

CS:GO: Tips and Tricks For Beginners in 2023

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a shooter that has brought together an army of many millions of fans over the course of its existence. In May 2023, a new attendance record of more than 1.8 million players online was achieved. However, only a small fraction of users can boast the professionalism and skills to play the game.

So why is it that some reach unprecedented heights, while the rest get stuck at the entry level? Who doesn’t dream to get good at CS:GO but doesn’t know where to start? The game has general rules and certain strategies that help you improve in CS:GO.

CS:GO Tips for Beginners

At first, playing CS:GO is easy enough, as long as you participate in the mode with newcomers, just as inexperienced and incompetent. However, over time, everyone begins to realize that their knowledge is insufficient as new aspects and more subtle nuances of the game open up. 

If you want to explore Counter-Strike: Global Offensive basics and also feel the rhythm of the game, the team and know how to proceed, read our recommendations to the end and choose the appropriate mode of playing.

Do Your Part

Since CS:GO is a team game, all participants must perform their tasks. For this purpose, there is a certain classification by roles and all team members are classified accordingly:

  • In-Game Leader — any team needs a commander; a leader who will take on strategic decisions. This should be the most experienced gamer who knows the map well and how to develop a plan of action to outsmart the opponents;
  • Entry Fragger — a player who knows how to create distractions, instantly engaging in combat while forces and positions are being set up. They take on the important mission to take out as many enemies as possible;
  • Support — this gamer is responsible for supporting the rest of the team, especially the fragger, with disguises like smoke bombs, grenades, etc. It is an attentive, responsible, and reliable player who is always ready to help;
  • AWPer is a very important hero who can be decisive in battles. Their main skills include aiming, quick retreat, and finding advantageous positions for remote combat;
  • Lurker is a kind of partisan, a scout who collects important enemy data and passes it to the team. The information received in a timely manner plays an important role in developing further action and movement plans.

It is preferable to have a team of players who have at least one of the skills at a high level.

Sight Setting

If you want to get better at CS:GO, it is important to know how to use the sight correctly and how to position the crosswires. It should always be positioned where you expect to see the enemy. A fraction of a second lost while moving the mouse can be fatal. 

It is always worth aiming at the head or a little higher. However, a lot depends on the spread that is specific to your weapon. Special training maps are offered to train your skills. For example, 3D Aim Trainer, where you can set the appropriate settings for your equipment and hone your skills over and over again. 

In this way, you develop muscle memory, which will save you in critical situations. It is enough to devote 30 minutes a day to this activity so that the effect becomes noticeable within a short time. One famous cyber-sportsman said that CS:GO is entertainment and routine, which should be repeated over and over again.

Consistent Review of Maps

The game has different maps. It is important to explore them thoroughly from different angles and from different positions. However, you should not be in a hurry to master all locations at once. A beginner should focus first on one map, then move on to another. This way, there will be no confusion in your head, and you will be able to move quickly and feel confident.

In addition, each card has its own strategy. It is followed not only by you but also by your opponents. Take a closer look at what actions are repeated more often, and use this knowledge to anticipate your opponent’s intentions.

Skills to Listen and Hear

Often the player on the map produces unnecessary sounds, especially loud ones, such as running, jumping, and reloading. If there is no need for these actions, then do not make more noise than you need at the moment. It’s better to walk, and turn on the reload only when it’s not causing problems — you’ll be less visible, too.

The same goes for enemy noise. Learn to listen and hear your opponents. You have to learn to distinguish the footsteps or the grenade pin pulled out to anticipate the next action of the enemy and be proactive. Also, this way you can warn your team, set traps, and do many other useful things to win. 


During the game, it is essential to exchange information with your team members. For example, report about the enemies in the place where you have just been killed. Thus, you will warn your team about the likely threat, especially if they are somewhere close to you. 

The voice chat, Discord, and special notations on the map are used to communicate. The team does not like quiet players who do not contribute to the common objectives. That said, if at some point it is important for you to concentrate on the game, and not to listen to the continuous rumbling of voices in your headphones, you can use a special command for a while and get complete silence.

Competent Budgeting

Some CS:GO tips relate to in-game economics. It plays an important role in shaping the overall team budget. You should not buy everything at once. You need to act together distributing funds evenly or where it is extremely important. If everyone has high-quality expensive weapons and utilities, then the chances of winning increase many times. 

Proper Settings and Controls

At the very beginning, you should pay attention to CS:GO performing first time setup. If you think that a mouse with a high DPI and sensitivity will be your solution, look closely at the parameters of cyber athletes. They make those values lower and that’s why:

  • you get more precise control of the scope;
  • there is less wobble when firing;
  • pre-aiming training.

At first, it may seem uncomfortable to make too protracted and long turns, as well as to control the mouse. However, players quickly get used to such settings.

It is also not unreasonable to explore CS:GO Knife Commands, and get training in various Counter Strike strategies. 

Practicing with Weapons

The rules here are the same as those for the cards — don’t take everything at once. First, run with the P90, which has a huge stock of ammo, then with the more powerful Dual Berettas, and finally take a more expensive shotgun such as XM1014, which will provide a second chance when you miss, thanks to the fast firing.

It is important to learn the spray of each firearm, speed of movement, time to reload, ammo reserve, and recoil. Understanding the type of weapon that is suitable for the scenario is essential to avoid wasting budget on unnecessary things.

Use Grenades

Grenades can become irreplaceable friends if you learn how to use them. The game offers many types of explosives to block territory and use camouflage, slow down the enemy offensive, and destroy several objects at once. Experienced players get creative with jump shots and other unconventional tricks to fool the enemy and gain a few moments to move on.

How to Get Better at CS:GO with Skins

While studying any CS:GO beginner guide, you are unlikely to find advice on how skins can help you become a better player. That may be true in a sense, since both expensive items or the best cheap CS:GO skins do not add any characteristics. However, as stated before, CS:GO is not a simple shooter and every detail counts. 

If you have an impressive collection of cool skins, you can use them as a psychological double-edged weapon:

  1. You can confuse the enemy for a moment.
  2. You will feel more confident and superior by wearing an expensive skin.

Skins have become a real currency, which enables you to get an advantage over your opponent and earn the recognition of others. Buy, exchange, and sell Counter-Strike skins easily at the official Steam store or at third-party platforms where extremely profitable offers can be found.


All tips for CS:GO competitive battles should be explored step by step, paying careful attention to recommendations from professional gamers. Many eSports players have their own blogs and channels where they share strategies, secrets, and settings to play effectively. For example, did you know that most pros use a screen setting of no more than 1280×960, 4:3? That doesn’t mean that the computer hardware doesn’t allow for a better image. That way the image is stretched and it is easier to aim at objects with minimal error. 

Here is one last, final piece of advice that’s sure to come in handy for both beginners and obsessive fraggers alike. Don’t play solo and focus on your own ranking. A team game is always more effective and efficient than any single strategy. It is necessary to take regular breaks, get away from the monitor, go out into the fresh air, and get distracted from the shooting. If you want to get better at Counter Strike, learn how to enjoy the game, have fun, and constantly train. You will definitely succeed!