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The Best P90 CS2 Skins in 2024

The Best P90 CS2 Skins in 2024

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Machine guns are in particular demand among Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players. And the price is not the only reason. They are an effective tool for the economic rounds, because you can get as much as $600 for each kill with some types of machine gun. The P90 is probably the most effective weapon in this category, but only a minimal number of players buy it. This is due to the high cost of $2,350. It’s likely that on the economic round, players simply do not have enough money to buy the weapon, as well as the armor.

P90 skins have been developed in the more than 10 years since the game was created. They differ in price and design features. In general, an interesting option can be purchased for a few dollars. The best weapon CSGO Skins will not help the user to eliminate opponents more effectively. They have a cosmetic effect and make the gameplay more exciting. In addition, some users earn good money by selling items. You can perform this operation through the Steam marketplace, or third-party sites.

Counter Strike 2 P90 Skins are a great solution for any player, because due to the low popularity of the weapon, you can get a flashy option for a minimal price.

List of the Best Skins on the P90

New designs for this weapon appear with the release of an operation, or a major update. Despite the fact that users rarely buy this submachine gun in ranked games, the number of options will pleasantly surprise potential buyers. The best P90 skins CS2 include:

P90 | Elite Build

P90 Elite Build Skin
An interesting option for those players who like brevity and minimalist details. The surface of the weapon is 95% painted in black. And only a small number of elements are orange. The skin was released in 2015. P90 Elite Build price is quite adequate and is only $0.15.

P90 | Aziimov

P90 _ Azimov Skin
This copy definitely does not belong to the cheapest P90 skins CS2. It is part of the iconic series along with skins for the AK-47 and AWP. In general, the skin does not have any unique details. It is painted white with orange inserts. Many people buy such an item to own the entire collection. The cost starts from $15.

P90 | Emerald Dragon

P90 Emerald Dragon Skin
An Asian theme is often relevant to weapon designs in Counter-Strike. You can recall the cult piece AWP | Dragon Lore, which starts at $10,000. As for this particular weapon, it has dragon scales all over its surface. It looks quite fascinating. However, not every player can afford this design. For example, the price of P90 Emerald Dragon starts from $258. If you’ve decided to sell Counter Strike Skins in order to make a profit, this option seems to be a good solution.

P90 | Shallow Grave

P90 Shallow Grave Skin
One of the coolest P90 skins. Already from the name it becomes obvious that thematically it is connected with death, skulls and other elements of the afterlife. At the back of the gun you can see a large skull, from which lines of red emanate. The surface of the weapon itself is painted black. Despite the uniqueness of the gun, P90 Shallow Grave price is quite low, namely $3.59.

P90 | Chopper

P90 Chopper Skin
A bright and concise design released in 2016. Many have it as one of the top 10 best P90 skins. The color palette consists of purple and orange. Purple is used exclusively for the background. The orange, in turn, displays flames. P90 Chopper looks pretty cool. The price of $0.43 can be considered quite reasonable.

P90 | Trigon

P90 Trigon Skin
The matte finish is quite interesting in the context of the weapon designs for this shooter. The gradient gray and orange inserts look as authentic as possible to the Nuke map, especially for the lower level. The price of P90 Trigon is above average, namely $3.50.

P90 | Blind Spot

P90 Blind Spot Skin
Not the brightest of options. Perhaps it will suit players who prefer dull colors. The basis of the skin are dark shades of blue, as well as elements of orange. This is one of the oldest skins for this type of weapon. Despite this, P90 Blind Spot price starts at $2.75 and rarely changes.

P90 | Module

P90 Module Skin
Visually appealing design, deserving the attention of both fans of simple options and bright skins. Visually, they look like a honeycomb, only painted in a gradient of blue rather than yellow. It looks mesmerizing and cool. Despite the visual appeal, the price of P90 Module skin is pretty small: $1.22. Definitely not a bad buy.

P90 | Shapewood

P90 Shapewood Skin
This specimen is made entirely in a sandy style. The top part is painted in black, while the other elements look like a typical desert in Africa. Accordingly, this version would be great for playing on Mirage, Dust2, and Anubis locations. The first purchase of this design was made back in 2015 after the release of the skin. Subsequently, it became one of the most popular Counter Strike P90 skins. It still carries this status today.

P90 | Grim

P90 Grim Skin
Among the cheapest P90 skins this option seems to be the most visually appealing. The base of the gun is painted black. At the back of it you can see a green skull-like creature. It is most likely a demonic entity that seeks its way out. Four other light green creatures fly out of its mouth. All shades on the skin look harmonious. Despite the uniqueness of this variant, the cost will pleasantly surprise any user. P90 Grim starts from $0.70.

P90 | Nostalgia

P90 Nostalgia Skin
Among all P90 skins in CS GO this one is probably the most exclusive. P90 Nostalgia was made possible thanks to the image of a classic Counter-Terrorist agent from version 1.6. Here you can notice all the colors that were on the screensaver of the original version. At the same time, the central part of the weapon is painted white, which creates a certain contrast. The price of the 2019 skin starts at $2.80.

In the spring of 2023, it became known about the release of a new version of Counter-Strike 2. Many users were afraid that their skins will lose value. However, as subsequent events have shown, the same skins and cases have only become more expensive. Accordingly, it now makes no sense to sell all the items in your inventory.

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